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PUBG Mobile 3.2 Beta Version Update: What's New & How to Download

Your highly-anticipated PUBG Mobile 3.2 beta version update is now available on mobile. New Mecha mode, WOW gameplay updates, Metro Royale updates... Many things you can expect in this latest beta version!

By Lori Melton


Test Global

Beta version of PUBG MOBILE. Test new features before anyone else!




    PUBG Mobile 3.2 Beta Version Update: Calendar

    Gamers can now experience a new level of tactical gameplay, with flexibility in combat and exploration.

    Let's take an overview of the PUBG Mobile 3.2 beta version update calendar and see what you can expect in this new beta version.

    PUBG Mobile 3.2 Beta Version Update: Highlights

    New Themed Mode (2024/4/11)

    New Mecha

    The PUBG Mobile 3.2 Beta introduces the innovative "New Mecha" update, featuring the Levitron and Strider vehicles.

    • Levitron: An extraordinary vehicle that can morph between a high-speed form that defies collisions by accelerating and a versatile vehicle form equipped with a magnetic arm to manipulate the environment.
    • Strider: It excels in mobility, offering a jump function and missile armament to lay siege to areas.
    • Armamech: These vehicles can combine to form the Armamech—a potent four-seater that harnesses advanced weaponry and has enhanced mobility with the capability to leap vast distances using air jets.

    Stage & Stage Mechanics

    • Steel Ark: A massive battleship on Erangel. Inside, players can gather ample supplies and combat rivals in close quarters. Defeated players can await the Wingman for a tactical lift.
    • Assembly Base: Players can discover many assembly bases across the whole map.

    Scattered Assembly Bases house Mecha Repair Stations, crucial for mecha maintenance, and a crate detector to reveal hidden loot. Quick Parachute technology offers rapid deployment and retraction, enhancing the aerial dynamics of the game.

    Character Items

    New 'Character Items' boost gameplay thrillingly!

    • Flying Jetpack: The Jetpack increases speed and allows short air hovering, with energy-depleting on lifting off, and recharging on land. Achieving a certain speed activates its speed form with a special "Lift Off" action. Additionally, it includes a Health bar for back and arm protection.
    • Self AED: The Personal AED permits self-revival once per player when downed, provided no movements occur.
    • Magnet Gun & Respawn Flare Gun: The Magnet Gun offers firearm swapping for subdued magnetic arm abilities, while the Respawn Flare Gun revives eliminated teammates with a plane drop, at the expense of their respawn opportunity.

    WOW Gameplay Update (2024/4/18)

    • More devices available: This enhancement introduces innovative gameplay devices, such as the Contested Object Device, allowing players to spawn a "capture the flag"-like object. After capturing, objects can be traded in for rewards using the Contested Object Handover Device. For strategic defense, there's now a Defensive Tower Device, enabling placement and weapon configuration of steadfast turrets.
    • All WOW gameplay improvements: Vehicle and enemy configurations are upgraded, including mecha options and team settings, respectively. Additionally, the Map Indicator Device has been upgraded to display dynamic icons and text. Shop Tokens persist across games, item costs are fine-tuned, and Enchantopia becomes more social with a suite of new objects such as Target Dummies and Soccer Balls, perfect for teaming up with friends.

    Combat Changes (2024/4/18)

    • Mark Button: A significant update allows marking supplies to display quantities, simplifying resource sharing.
    • Immersive Customizations: Users can now transfer their Arena Mode control layout to Classic Mode effortlessly. Additionally, an auto pick-up feature grants players the choice to retain or discard current melee weapons when acquiring new ones, optimizing inventory management.

    Metro Royale Updates (2024/4/20)

    • Honor Rewards: Players can now aim for Honor Rewards like the Chapter 20 Elite Avatar, Hero Avatar Frame, and Legendary Name Tag upon reaching certain Honor levels.
    • Loadout Limit: Frontline Confrontation and Old Blockade Zone now encounter a loadout limit in Basic Mode, making strategy more crucial.
    • Collectibles Cabinet Update: Trophy enthusiasts will enjoy the Collectibles Cabinet Update, with Chapter 20 collectibles joining the array, displayable in personal Spaces, and even being part of Home decorations.
    • EXP: Earning Player and Companion EXP is possible during matches.
    • New Weapons: The update also brings the new P90 (Cobra) and P90 (Steel Front). Weapon readiness is optimized with auto-reloading and setting to full-auto mode.
    • More Improvements: Players can now open multiple inventory gift packs simultaneously for a smoother experience.

    PUBG Mobile 3.2 Beta Version Update: How to Download

    To experience new PUBG Mobile features early, download the 3.2 Beta version. Follow these steps:

    Step 1: Use the direct link ( https://apkpure.com/beta-pubg-mobile/com.tencent.igce ) to download the PUBG Mobile 3.2 beta version APK file.

    Step 2: Navigate to your device's downloads folder to find the APK.

    Step 3: Enable "Install from Unknown Source" in your security settings.

    Step 4: Tap the APK file to start the installation process.

    After PUBG Mobile 3.2 beta version APK installs, open PUBG Mobile by tapping the game icon. If prompted, download additional data within the game. Now you can enjoy testing the Beta’s new features before they go live!


    Dive into the ultimate Battle Royale and win chicken dinner in PUBG MOBILE!



    For more details, please go to: PUBG Mobile's official website > ANNOUNCEMENT > VERSION 3.2 BETA UPDATE ANNOUNCEMENT

    You can also read other announcements, news, and leaks about PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile beta, like:

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