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PUBG MOBILE 2.6 Update Patch Notes

PUBG MOBILE 2.6 Update, the biggest update ever for PUBG MOBILE, is just around the corner! Follow us to get breakdown details of all the amazing new features of the PUBG MOBILE 2.6 update!

By Lynda Sumner



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Recently, PUBG MOBILE 2.6 update hit the beta server. The PUBG MOBILE 2.6 update feature video clip released on Youtube leaked that the PUBG MOBILE 2.6 update is set to release on May 16-18, 2023. New futuristic items, all-new themed game modes, alongside many more amazing new features are all packed into this big May 2023 update. Next, we'll break down all the new game features of the PUBG MOBILE 2.6 update for all players who want to have a game preview before starting a new game.


    PUBG MOBILE 2.6 Update Highlights

    The upcoming PUBG MOBILE 2.6 Update introduced tons of amazing new features. New introductions like the three legendary dinosaurs, new region Primal Zone, Golden Mirado vehicle, and auto attachment update are all worthwhile to have a try in the PUBG MOBILE 2.6 beta test. Let's check what upcoming new features can be expected in the PUBG MOBILE 2.6 update.

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    Dinoground Mode

    T-REX is the first dinosaur presented in the new themed mode Dinoground. Break down the keep gate with your T-rex catching group together to rescue the T-Rex, and then ride it on and command it to fight alongside.

    Two more prehistoric dinosaurs also arrive at the battlefield as well. The Pterosaur and Velociraptor are your two loyal companions to tame and ride. Unfortunately, you can not share your seat on Pterosaur or Velociraptor with your friends as it only allows one person to ride on.

    The Pterosaur is a flying dinosaur that can transport you in the air, similar to a glider. The Pterosaur can not only serve you as a rider but help you to attack your enemies. It has the ability to grab players with its claws and take them up into the sky whether they are your allies or enemies. Click release and you can drop your enemies to the ground.

    The Velociraptor is a quick runner and it could jump as high as 10 feet in the air. Due to its speed and jump strengths, players can ride it to climb on roofs or jump on high grounds easily. Also, feeding them will also reward you with a lot of high-quality supplies.

    Dino Settlement

    The Dino Settlement feature brings quality supplies. This latest update will see three dino settlements in total in which players have chances to win high-level loot and exclusive air-drop guns.

    The formidable T-rax dinosaur is also one of the biggest highlights of the Dino Settlement update. It will be spawned into a random dino settlement when every match begins. Two powerful abilities of the T-Rex are Roar and Dash. Its roar can deal area-of-effect damage to approaching enemies and also perform a screen shake effect across the whole map. If you want to get a speed boost while riding on the T-Rex, try its dash skill.

    More Fun things you can do with T-Rex:

    • Share your seats on the T-Rex back with up to 3 players.
    • Ride the T-Rex to jump across a low water hurdle or traverse across a river terrain.
    • Hunt to kill the T-REX in exchange for supplies you needed.

    Primal Zone

    Five Primal Zones in total are scattered throughout the whole map, featuring the two dinosaur vehicles - Pterosaur and Velociraptor mentioned above and loads more exciting additions, for example:

    • Pterosaur Hoops mini-game

    • Dino Hatcheries

    World of Wonder Updates

    • New gameplay devices: Teleportation device, UAZ Spawn device and more.
    • New objects: The trampoline, launcher conveyor belt, boost belt and more.
    • New Parkour mode: Pass across the moving platforms, avoid large swinging hammers and become the first one to reach the finishing line.
    • New Featured tab: Players can discover and create new possibilities more easily.

    Classic Mode Updates

    • Exciting auto-firing mode for M16A4 and MK47 machine guns.

    • Some firearm specs got tweaked.
    • Vehicle spawn locations are adjusted.
    Test Global

    Beta version of PUBG MOBILE. Test new features before anyone else!



    For all Android players, APKPure offers them a quick and easy way to download the PUBG MOBILE 2.6 beta version, join the beta test, and enjoy all brand-new updated game features before the official launch. PUBG MOBILE 2.6 beta download guide and tips are all concluded in the following article. Click to access the PUBG MOBILE 2.6 update beta apk and get the first taste ahead of the actual launch in a week.

    What's New in PUBG MOBILE 2.6 Beta And How to Download

    How To

    What's New in PUBG MOBILE 2.6 Beta And How to Download

    PUBG MOBILE 2.6 Beta version is now rolling out on Android and iOS platforms! Download the beta version and discover what is coming up in this latest update for PUBG MOBILE!

    Learn More
    PUBG MOBILE Royale Pass, Latest Updates, Maps & Weapons, Game Videos

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    PUBG MOBILE Royale Pass, Latest Updates, Maps & Weapons, Game Videos
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