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MINECRAFT BEDROCK 1.20.80 Update Patch Notes

MINECRAFT BEDROCK 1.20.80 version update now arrives on Android and iOS with your highly-anticipated wolf variations, wolf armor, and armadillos! Read to get more info!

By Lori Melton


Minecraft Original APK

A whole universe composed of blocks, creatures, and a vibrant community



Minecraft Bedrock's 1.20.80 update has unleashed a fresh wave of excitement for adventurers and animal enthusiasts alike. An array of new features that are set to significantly enhance the gameplay experience.


    Features (NEW!!)

    ▪️ Armadillo

    Whether you're venturing through the savanna or navigating the rugged terrain of the badlands biome, you're bound to encounter the newly added armadillos. These creatures aren't just here for show; they're also a source of crafting materials, as you can use their scutes to craft wolf armor.

    ▪️ Armadillo Rolling Up Behavior

    The addition of the Armadillo brings a new dynamic to the fauna of Minecraft. Beyond their charming presence, these creatures boast the unique "Rolling Up" behavior, providing both a defensive mechanism and a new interaction for players.

    ▪️ Armadillo Scutes

    Craft your Wolf Armor with Armadillo Scutes to level it up! (You can get Armadilo Scute drops from Armadillos!)

    ▪️ Wolf Variants

    Leading the charge in this update are the eight new wolf variations, offering a visual feast for players as they roam the game's vast landscapes. Players can now assemble a pack from the nine different wolf variations:

    Pale Wolf, Woods Wolf, Ashen Wolf, Black Wolf, Chestnut Wolf, Rusty Wolf, Spotted Wolf, Striped Wolf, Snowy Wolf

    ▪️ Wolf Armor

    More than just companions, these wolves can be safeguarded with tailored armor, which not only offers protection but can also be dyed to suit the player's aesthetic preferences. Should the armor face the wear and tear of adventure, it can easily be repaired, ensuring your pack remains battle-ready.

    ▪️ Tamed Wolves Health And Damage

    Under the "New Features" banner, the update expands upon the utility of tamed wolves, now with added health and damage stats.

    ▪️ Realms Stories & Enhancements To Finding Friends

    The "Realms Stories" and enhanced "Finding Friends" features aim to foster a stronger sense of community and connectivity among players.

    Features (In Experiment!!)

    ▪️ Mace

    Minecraft beckons players to wield the Mace, a formidable new armament in its latest update. This hefty weapon thrives on gravity, granting bonus damage for airborne assaults. Savvy combatants will leap towards foes, executing a ground-shaking hit, simultaneously avoiding fall damage akin to a Wind Charge directive.

    ▪️ Breeze Rod

    The weapon might scatter nearby entities while its durability wanes, mendable with Breeze Rods on an Anvil. Breeze Rods themselves, now droppable by the Breeze, craft into Wind Charges or the Mace when united with the Heavy Core.

    ▪️ New Armor Trims & New Armor Tr & New Banner Patterns & New Pottery Sherds

    Vaults yield these Cores, along with Bolt and Flow Armor Trims, now amplified with enchanting banner patterns and Pottery Sherds found in Trial Chambers.

    ▪️ Trial Chambers

    These chambers, easier to locate via Cartographer trades, introduce fresh challenges and refined loot strategies, ensuring a compelling blend of adventure and combat in the endlessly evolving landscape of Minecraft.

    Minecraft Original APK

    A whole universe composed of blocks, creatures, and a vibrant community



    Delve into the Minecraft 1.20.80 update full patch notes for a comprehensive rundown of the bug fixes and changes across gameplay mechanics, mobs, blocks, items, graphics, user interface, and technical updates, including experimental features that cater to the most seasoned Minecraft veterans.

    Come to the updated Minecraft world, forge new bonds, and embark on untold adventures with your four-legged friends!

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