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Zenless Zone Zero 3rd Closed Beta Opens Now: How to Sign Up

Hoyoverse announced another new round of closed beta for Zenless Zone Zero! Sign up to participate in this new test and dive into the excitement of the new Eridu.

By Lori Melton


In a tantalizing announcement for gamers worldwide, HoYoverse has cracked open the gateway to another dimension, with sign-ups now live for the 3rd closed beta test of the much-anticipated urban fantasy action RPG, Zenless Zone Zero. This trial, branded as the Amplifying Test, beckons participants to immerse themselves in a heightened gaming experience across PC, iOS, and Android platforms, promising significant refinements in both the rhythm of combat and the intricacies of Hollow exploration.


    Zenless Zone Zero 3rd Beta Test: What's New

    The emergence of Zenless Zone Zero heralds an intriguing mix of apocalypse and fantasy, nestled within the heart of New Eridu, humanity's final bastion post a supernatural cataclysm known as the Hollows. HoYoverse has sculpted a new urban fantasy realm ripe for the unearthing of secrets by Proxies—characters entrusted with battling surreal adversaries and unwrapping the enigmas shrouding New Eridu.

    Amidst the desolate backdrop of unyielding Hollows, the Amplifying Test offers a beacon of evolution: a compelling new character named Zhu Yuan, and the introduction of the New Eridu Public Security’s Criminal Investigation Special Response Team. In a combat landscape burgeoning with novelties, the latest Bangboo models will strut their newfangled attack, the Bangboo chain strikes. Moreover, the Amplifying Test will confront players with the Shiyu Defense combat challenge and an array of mission-based skirmishes via the revamped Hollow Deep Dive System (HDD). Players can now plunge headfirst into grueling boss encounters, as this upgraded system streamlines the transition from exploration to battle.

    For players eager to enlist in the Zenless Zone Zero closed beta odyssey, the escapade promises not only a richer narrative experience but also an efficiently navigable Hollow ecosystem, thanks to significant improvements to the multi-faceted TV Wall or Hollow Board. The commitment to an immersive combat experience shines in this trial. From Rally Missions to the treacherous Hollow Zero, the combat design's enchantment has been magnified, aiming to captivate both RPG neophytes and veterans alike.

    Zenless Zone Zero's Third Beta Test: How to Sign Up

    The chance to participate in this closed beta test—potentially the last before a glittering global launch later in the year—radiates as an exclusive opportunity. Following our sneak peek at the former betas in July 2023 and November 2023, the upcoming Amplifying Test manifests as a pivotal epoch in the game's evolution.

    __45HTgembM image

    HoYoverse unfurls a narrative tapestry replete with enhanced action and a labyrinth of mystery, inviting gamers to pledge their blade to the Proxy cause in the Zenless Zone Zero closed beta—where every swing, every choice, every moment, draws one closer to the heart of the sublime, surreal, and spellbinding New Eridu.

    Those keen to traverse the labyrinthine alleyways of New Eridu and engage with bustling urban life events and city guidance can enlist at Zenless Zone Zero Official Site.

    Zenless Zone Zero's Third Beta Test: How to Pre-register

    If you're yet to sign up in advance for Zenless Zone Zero, consider visiting APKPure for the pre-registration process. These are the steps you should take:

    Step 1: Navigate to APKPure.com > Home > Pre-register > Zenless Zone Zero.

    Step 2: Sign in to APKPure using either your username or email address.

    Step 3: Click on the "Pre-register" button.

    Once you see a confirmation message stating "Pre-registered Successfully," this means you'll be notified by the developers once the game launches!

    Stay updated to get more news and announcements about Zenless Zone Zero's beta test and official release.

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