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PUBG MOBILE 2.5.0 Update Patch Notes

The new version of PUBG MOBILE finally roll out on March 14th, 2023! Awaken your fighting spirit in this TPP survival game where you can enjoy new amazing additions, including the World of Wonder mode, new anniversary map - Imagiversary, gear front update, firearms update and plenty more! Are you ready for a refreshing and exciting adventure in this latest update?

By Molly Reagan



Dive into the ultimate Battle Royale and win chicken dinner in PUBG MOBILE!



PUBG MOBILE 2.5.0 Update is now live! On March 14, 2023. PUBG fans finally have a chance to test the latest version - PUBG MOBILE 2.5.0 update.


    What to Expect from PUBG MOBILE 2.5.0 Update?

    PUBG MOBILE, a mobile hit title has gained popularity for years. To retain players and attract new gamers, PUBG MOBILE regularly updates new content in game. The latest 2.5.0 version has incredible materials including the 5th anniversary map: Imagiversary, the creative custom mode - The World of Wonder and other intense group battle modes in the arena.

    5th Anniversary Themed Mode Gameplay: Imagiversary

    Let's celebrate the fifth anniversary event in this PUBG MOBILE 2.5.0 update together!

    Duration: March 18 at 02:00 – April 19 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

    New Imagination Areas

    • Imagination Plaza: Compete for the large crate in four locations to win advanced supply items.
    • Imagination District: A small amount of advanced supply rewards to obtain.

    New Items

    • Block Cover: Use it as a cover, a bridge or an elevator. It is available all over the map and can be found in crates.
    • Portable Trampoline: An pick-up item that can be found in crates. Touch to bounce it into the air and move swiftly
    • Dual-Purpose Cannon: An pick-up item that can be found in crates. With a dual-purpose cannon, you can launch yourself a short distance.
    • Supply Converter: Accessible at the start. Use a supply converter to convert two new items or items used in the past season for a supply item you want.

    PUBG MOBILE Creative Zone - The World of Wonder

    The World of Wonder mode will arrive on March 16. Dive into this wonderous world to experience an amazing adventure!

    Gear Front Update - New Board Skill

    Duration: April 20 at 00:00 – May 15 at 20:59 (UTC+0)

    The New Jet-Boost Board skill allows players to travel quickly in the mid-air. And this speed item is supported in Erangel and Livik.

    Payload Mode Updates & Firearm Adjustments

    Payload Mode Updates

    • Powerful Tank: A heavily-armored tank is now available in Erangel
    • Tank Air Drops: Call and place a tank in the arena
    • Teammates recalls: Recall dead teammates via the Supply Shop, spending Supply Tokens
    • Supply items: The Super Air Drop & Super Weapon Crate

    Firearm Adjustments

    • Firearm placement adjustment: The NS2000 shotgun has been added to Livik.
    • Light Machine Gun adjustments: Equipped with improved DP28 and M249, players can block enemies' gunfire.

    Creation Mode Updates

    Creation Mode is also undergoing an update in which players can swap outfits, enable speed effects, and display companions.

    Metro Royale Updates

    Duration: March 17 at 02:00 – May 15 at 00:00 (UTC+0)

    The metro royale updates feature the adjustments and improvements on a new workstation, equipment protection, Misty Ports layouts, etc.

    Nusa Tycoon Event

    Duration: March 16 – May 14 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

    A brand new Nusa Tycoon event is currently available in this PUBG 2.5 update. During this event, players can spend Nusa Coins to upgrade three buildings: Regal Resort, Mysterious Cavern, Cargo Terminal in their islands. As the propriety increases, the appearance of the lobby in the centre of the island also changes.


    Dive into the ultimate Battle Royale and win chicken dinner in PUBG MOBILE!



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