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Free Fire April 17 Update Patch Notes

New dragon boss, Mechadrak, is set to make his appearance in Free Fire April 17th update! Keep reading to learn more!

By Lori Melton


Free Fire APK

10-minute match. 50-player battle royale. Die Or Survive.



Free Fire, Garena's flagship game, will bring a major update to keep the game up on April 17th! The excitement has gone up to notch! Let's see what's new are introduced for the community!


    Battle Royale

    • Villain Conquest (New!)
    • Mechadrake Trail (New!)

    Bermuda is invaded by the Mechadrake, and it is time to slay it!

    Embark on the thrilling new adventure in Free Fire: Villain Conquest! Prepare to face off against otherworldly villains invading Bermuda. Defeat them and reap rich in-match rewards while unlocking the chance to battle the formidable Mechadrake. Villains will randomly invade at three marked locations on the BR-Ranked Bermuda map. Summon them by reaching the designated points and interacting with the summoning circles. Claim generous loots and Mechadrake Points upon victory. Collect three Mechadrake Points to qualify for the epic Mechadrake Trial. Remember, each team can earn a maximum of one Mechadrake Point per game.

    Clash Squad

    • Dragon Airdrop (New!)

    Fight the Mechadrake, win the draconic items and let these items help you get the final victory!

    Prepare for the ultimate challenge in Free Fire: Mechadrake Trial! Only the strongest heroes who prove their mettle by defeating villains and achieving Booyahs on the Bermuda battlefield earn the right to face the mighty Mechadrake. After collecting 3 Mechadrake Points, players can activate the trial in their next BR-Ranked match. Once activated, the whole team can participate. Succeed in defeating the Mechadrake to earn extra rank points, resetting your Mechadrake Points to zero. Beware, failing to achieve Booyah in the trial will result in a deduction of one Mechadrake Point. Defeating a villain in the Mechadrake Trial still awards a Mechadrake Point.

    Game Mode

    • Zombie Hunt (Returning)

    In returning Zombie Hunt mode, you will discover fresh new maps and stages!

    Exciting news in Free Fire: Dragon Airdrop has landed in Llash 5quad, bringing powerful draconic items! Engage in battle with the Mechadrake to unlock these items and secure your victory. When the Mechadrake appears in the sky, defeat it to trigger a special airdrop filled with new dragon-themed items. The Dragon Airdrop includes:

    • Dragon Freeze: An enhanced Flash Freeze that detonates three times upon impact.
    • EMP Grenade: Disrupt enemies with electromagnetic pulses, disabling their minimaps and item usage.
    • Dragon Sprinters: Unique jumping shoes for sprinting mid-air during a double jump.
    • Dragonling: A baby dragon companion that reduces enemy movement or attack speed and causes continuous bleeding. Every 18 seconds, it activates when you successfully hit enemies.


    New character Kairos is ready to meet all ff players in the upcoming version update! Also, seven players are adjusted to bring players more exciting gameplay.

    • Kairos (New!)
    • Yatsuya, Ryden, Santino, Joseph, Nikita, Caroline, Kapella (Adjusted)


    Minor changes happens to Hangar map in CS mode! Amazing surprise to unlock! Update to try out now!

    • Hangar Map (Layout Improved)


    More damage requirements for Augs! Suit everyone's needs!

    • Augs (Upgraded)
    • Plasma (Reworked)
    • Bizon, Trogon, Charge Buster, Double Vector, Vector, Mps, Parafal (Adjusted)


    • Role System (New!)

    • Intellimate (Redesigned)
    • Guild & Membership Optimizations
    • Evo Access

    Other Adjustments


    • Grandmaster Icon (New!)


    • Honor Score Ratings


    • View Friends's Craftland Matches

    To learn more Free Fire April 17th update patch details, please head to Free Fire official site > News > 17 April Patch Notes.

    Free Fire APK

    10-minute match. 50-player battle royale. Die Or Survive.



    We're always working on updating all Free Fire patches and version updates. Keep checking back for more details!

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