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The description of Yukigassen -Programming war-

It is a snowball game with two tanks vs. two tanks. However, the tank can not be operated directly. Each tank operates according to a pre-programmed program. Because the performance of the tank is the same, the victory or defeat depends on the program.

* When saving an edited program, it can not be saved if "sample" or "level" is included in the file name. Please change the file name as appropriate and save.

Rules of yukigassen (snowball game)
● Battle with blue team and red team to fight
● If you hit a snowball 5 times, you will be sent off.
● If both of the two units are to leave, they are defeated.
● You can have up to 10 snowballs.
● Snowballs can be refilled any number of times as long as they return to their base.
● If you leave two opponent's tanks or you touch the base of the opponent team, you win.
● If time runs out, the one with more remaining life wins. If it is the same, the blue team will win.

Game mode
● Local matchup
It is a battle where programs stored inside the terminal compete against each other. The application has programs from level 1 to level 3 from the beginning.
● Global matchup
If you win the Level 1 program in local matchup, you will be able to choose a global match. This will play against programs created by users all over the world connected by the Internet. There are two menus of entry and match selection. Entry only is valid at the beginning, but match entry is also effective when entry is executed.
Entries upload your own programs to the server. The uploaded program will fight as a red team. In the match selection, you can select programs uploaded by users all over the world.

Program Specification
● User variables are integer type only
● Flow control is if then else, while, switch case break
● Event driven type
● Special variables
· R1 Used as the argument of the radar array variable as the storage destination of the return value of the external function
· R2 Used as the storage destination of return value of external function
· Represent the direction of the uDir turret in the range of -180 to 179 degrees
· Life remaining life. The initial value is 5
· BallNumber number of snowballs
● Radar array variable
With the special variable r1 as an argument, the distance to the object in that direction is stored. A value of 1000 indicates that the object can not be found in that direction. If an object is found, an integer from 4 to 60 is stored.
RadarBall radar with objects as snowballs
· RadarTank Radar with tank as a tank
· RadarWall Radar with wall as object
● User variables
If you add% to the head, it becomes a user variable. It is an integer type variable. Declaration is unnecessary and the initial value is 0.
● Unit system (distance, angle)
Unit system is different for external function (described later) and radar. The distance of the external function is about 5 times the distance of the radar. The angle is 360 degrees from -180 degrees to 179 degrees in the external function, but it is 0 to 15 in the radar.
● exfunc statement
· ShootBall Launch a snowball. When successful launch, 0 is stored in r1.
· SearchBase Look for the base of your team. The direction in 360 degree system is stored in r1, the distance is stored in r2.
Search enemies near searchEnemy. The stored value is the same as searchBase.
· SearchFlag Look for base of enemy team.
● Tank statement
It instructs the operation of your machine. This statement is not executed immediately, it is executed at the end of the series of processing. So even if you specify more than one action at a time, only the last action specified will actually be executed.

Edit program
You can edit programs with built-in editor. It is also possible to export the program file and edit it with a general text editor. When editing with an external editor, you can use it by importing it and saving it with a name.
In the built-in editor, when you press the + button at the right end, a row is added below it.
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