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Feb 22, 2024

About DJ Music Player Silent Tunes

DJ Music Player Silent Tunes - DJ Mixer, Party Automixer, MP3, Social Jukebox

Silent Tunes DJ Music Player offers an exciting cosmic dancefloor experience for partygoers. Whether you’re hosting a house party, birthday bash, or any celebration, Silent Tunes DJ empowers everyone to curate the perfect playlist and keep the energy high. Let the cosmic tunes flow!

- DJ on the Fly & on the GO - DJ App that allows you to mix music on the fly.

- Let everyone at the party have a say in the music that's played and be the DJ.

• Silent Tunes DJ Jukebox: This collaborative playlist lets everyone add their favourite songs on the go. Set up a playlist in seconds, invite friends to contribute, and vote for cosmic anthems. The song with the most stardust (votes) takes centre stage, eliminating the need for tyrant DJs!

• Automix DJ Music Player: Silent Tunes doubles as an all-in-one DJ mixer and music player for Android. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced DJ, this app allows you to mix songs automatically or manually using the elastic fader. It also has an equalizer to fine-tune the sound with just one click!

• Social Jukebox DJ: Say goodbye to endlessly listening to one person’s favourite songs. With Silent Tunes, your friends and guests can control the music at your party. They can request, vote, and even veto songs. The public becomes the DJ, and no login or account is required—just scan a QR code!

• Full Self DJ (FSD-J): Imagine being a DJ from the dancefloor itself! Silent Tunes lets you mix music hands-free using your smartphone. No more being tied up behind the DJ table—now you can DJ & rock the party while grooving with the crowd!

DJ Music Player Silent Tunes transforms any farmer into a DJ: This app offers a unique one-hand DJ mixer with both manual crossfading and an auto mixer. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced DJ, you can mix songs on the go like a pro. Plus, it features a “Social Jukebox” where party guests can vote for songs, creating a collaborative playlist. Silent Tunes makes DJing easy and fun! 

Unique social jukebox DJ with automixer:

Instead of being held hostage by one DJ controlling the music, everyone can have their say. The social jukebox player gives party goers the power to choose the songs that play at the party.

DJ Music Player Silent Tunes offers a cosmic dancefloor experience where partygoers can queue up their favourite tunes and create an electrifying atmosphere.

Silent Tunes DJ is a music player, a DJ mixer for mixing songs on the go, and a social jukebox for party goers to play music like a professional DJ. This Music Player incorporates all the features you need to create unique party mixes from your mobile phone. Using an app to mix music offers many advantages over traditional DJ solutions. Silent Tunes is the ultimate virtual DJing app to mix songs with ease.

DJ Music Player Silent Tunes it’s perfect for parties, allowing collaborative playlists, automixing, DJ on the GO and even hands-free DJing. So, if you’re ready to groove, let’s turn up the cosmic tunes!

The idea of crowdsourcing a playlist is not new, and there are other Android apps that allow users to create collaborative playlists, but the Silent Tunes app is second to none.

DJ Music Player Silent Tunes is the all-in-one solution to transform farmers into DJs

• Unique one-hand DJ mixer with manual crossfader

• Play and mix your songs on the go

• Silent Disco DJ: Professional Silent Party Music Mixer

• Social Jukebox DJ with collaborative playlist

• MP3 music player to play all your local songs

• Automix songs has never been so easy

• The party goers control the music and are the DJ`s

• Auto equalizer, one-touch equalizing songs

• DJ at home parties, bars, clubs, and festivals.

• Mix any music you like

• Visual Effects

• Alter speed and pitch

• View track details

• Show track waveform

• The DJ jukebox lets party goers share music

• Vote for or downvote songs on the party jukebox

• Intuitive interface

An App for anyone who wants to DJ a party without having to invest in expensive equipment.

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Additional APP Information

Latest Version

Request DJ Music Player Silent Tunes Update 17.0

Uploaded by

MrPo Apple

Requires Android

Android 5.0+

Available on

Get DJ Music Player Silent Tunes on Google Play

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What's New in the Latest Version 17.0

Last updated on Feb 22, 2024

Silent Tunes DJ Music Player - The Ultimate DJ App for Music Lovers
Silent Tunes DJ All-in-one DJ mixer & music player for Android that allows users to mix music on the go like a pro DJ. The Automix DJ Music Player can mix songs automatically or manually, making it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced DJs alike.

- Auto Equalizer
- Guest upload & share music to jukebox player
- Automix music
- Control the mix with manual fader

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