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Zenless Zone Zero Will be Officially Launched on July 4, 2024

Zenless Zone Zero, HoYoverse brand-new action title, finally has an official release date! Get ready to dive into a world of post-apocalyptic surroundings, thrilling fast-paced combat, and attracting anime-style art!

By Lynda Sumner


Zenless Zone Zero - HoYoverse's insane new action mobile title, is finally coming next week!

Pre-register now to join the closed beta test and claim luxurious pre-registration rewards to give you a head start in your Zenless Zone Zero adventure!


    Zenless Zone Zero: Release Date

    • Zenless Zone Zero Expected Release Date: July 4, 2024.

    Hoyoverse has announced the exact release date of its upcoming title Zenless Zone Zero. Get ready to meet a roster of charming characters on June 4th, 2024!

    Mark your calendars, adventurers, and get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting world of New Eridu!

    Zenless Zone Zero: Available Platforms & Areas

    • Countries: Canada | Denmark | Spain | Mexico | Norway | Sweden | Finland | Singapore

    Zenless Zone Zero offers players a flexible way to experience the action. Data is shared across platforms, so you can seamlessly switch between your PC and mobile device without losing progress. Although HoYoverse has not yet confirmed a console release, its history with Genshin Impact on consoles leaves the door open for interesting possibilities in the future.

    Zenless Zone Zero: Background Story

    • Post-apocalyptic survival RPG.
    • "New Eridu", mankind's last civilization, is destroyed by a supernatural disaster called "Hollows"
    • Your Agent Mission: Lead a 3-agent team, collect valuable resources, battle against monsters, and challenge boss fights.
    • Dive into a dynamic and cinematic chaos world and uncover the mysteries behind the New Eridu and the "Hollows".

    You will take on the role of a "Proxy", an adventurer who guides your agent parties to Hollows to collect resources. As Proxy, you will join different factions, each with their own motivations for entering the Hollows. For example, some will want resources, others will have personal vendettas, and others will simply seek thrills.

    Zenless Zone Zero: Gameplay

    • Navigate through multiple dimensions in the "Hollows". his is a chaotic place with sphericle dimensions where you will encounter different species and creatures, e.g. Thugs, monsters, agencies, proxies, hollow raiders, etc.
    • The world outside of the "Hollows" are full of dangers. While enjoying your full exploration of the fantasy New Eridu city, make sure to stay away from hollow raiders, gangs, crazies, and conspirators.
    C5WS9Ohb-fI image

    Zenless Zone Zero features an action-based real-time combat system with roguelike elements. Before entering a Hollow, you choose a party of 3 characters from an ever-expanding roster of unlockable fighters, each with unique abilities and playstyles.

    Once inside the Hollows, you fight through procedurally generated levels represented by tiles on an isometric map. Stepping on certain tiles triggers battles, puzzles, traps and events. By completing objectives, you gain resources to craft new equipment and upgrade your characters. However, if your party falls in combat, you will lose all progress and be forced to restart.

    The level of challenge can be significant, as it requires mastering dodges and combo attacks. Helper characters can also be summoned to perform powerful attacks. Defeating enemies fills an ultimate meter that allows you to perform spectacular cinematic special moves.

    Outside of the Hollows, you can freely explore New Eridu City and participate in side activities. An in-game gacha system also allows you to acquire new characters and weapons.

    Zenless Zone Zero: Factions

    Odd-Job Agencies

    Led by the enigmatic Nicole Demara, these resourceful agencies handle everything from mundane errands to daring Hollow dives. Its rivals, the Victoria Housekeeping Co., offer high-quality services with a touch of elegance.

    Belobog Heavy Industries

    Known for their toughness and specialized machinery, this faction dominates the Hollows. Are they allies or competitors in the struggle for power in New Eridu?

    Section Unknown

    The motives and methods of this faction remain a mystery. The stoic Soldier 11 is its only known member, but his influence could be far-reaching.

    Section 6

    Section 6, the official organization dedicated to Hollow exploration and security, clashes with more independent agencies. Hoshimi Miyabi and Soukaku are his most skilled agents, but their true loyalties might lie elsewhere.

    Zenless Zone Zero Characters

    Belobog Heavy Industries

    • Anton Ivanov: A tough veteran with a serious approach to Hollows.
    • Ben Bigger: A technological prodigy who pushes the limits of Hollow exploration.
    • Koleda Belobog: The enigmatic leader, whose true motives remain shrouded in mystery.
    • Grace Howard: A skilled engineer and strategist who keeps Belobog's machinery in perfect working order.

    Gentle House

    • Nicole Demara: The shrewd leader, always willing to take any job for the right price.
    • Billy Kid: An impulsive adventurer who gets into trouble easily.
    • Nekomiya Mana: A calm and efficient operator, who provides crucial support to Hollows.

    Victoria Housekeeping Co.

    • Von Lycaon: A loyal and unwavering butler, fiercely dedicated to his clients.
    • Corin Wickes: A meticulous planner with an almost obsessive attention to detail.
    • Ellen Joe: A skilled combatant with a gentle demeanor that hides a surprising ferocity.
    • Alexandrina: A mysterious figure with a hidden past, her true purpose shrouded in secrecy.

    Section 6

    • Hoshimi Miyabi: A skilled operative with a stoic demeanor, his loyalty to Section 6 is unwavering.
    • Soukaku: A powerful fighter with a cryptic past, his true motives remain an enigma.

    Proxies, your first stop will be the perilous Hollows! Unlock your first mission and start your navigation in Zenless Zone Zero!

    Gear up and get ready to fight!

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