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Top 5 Best Games Like Minecraft on Mobile

Discover the top 5 Minecraft alternatives for mobile in 2024. Explore sandbox, crafting, and block-building games on Android and iOS devices.

By Rubye Fritsch


Minecraft has captivated players worldwide with its endless creativity and exploration. For mobile gamers seeking similar experiences, several alternatives offer comparable gameplay on Android and iOS devices. This article highlights the top 5 games like Minecraft available on mobile platforms in 2024, providing sandbox environments, crafting mechanics, and block-building adventures.



    Minetest is a free, open-source alternative to Minecraft that offers a near-infinite world of block-based sandbox gameplay. Available on Android devices, Minetest provides:

    • Multiplayer support
    • Extensive modding capabilities
    • A lightweight and portable experience
    • Community-driven development and content creation

    Minetest's open nature allows for continuous improvements and additions, making it a robust choice for mobile gamers seeking a Minecraft-like experience.

    SurvivalCraft 2

    Survivalcraft 2 APK

    Explore infinite world and survive in a realistic environment full of animals.

    AdventureSingle Player

    AdventureSingle Player

    Get Survivalcraft 2 on Google Play

    SurvivalCraft 2 is a popular Minecraft alternative available on both Android and iOS platforms. This game offers:

    • Improved graphics compared to Minecraft
    • A focus on survival mechanics
    • Unique features like electricity and furniture crafting
    • The ability to create and share custom worlds

    SurvivalCraft 2's emphasis on realism and additional gameplay elements provides a fresh take on the block-based sandbox genre.


    While not strictly a Minecraft clone, Roblox offers a diverse platform for user-generated content and block-based games. On mobile devices, Roblox provides:

    • A wide variety of game modes and experiences
    • The ability to create and share custom games
    • Social features for playing with friends
    • Regular updates and new content

    Roblox's versatility and social aspects make it an excellent choice for players looking for a more diverse gaming experience within a block-based environment.

    Block Story


    What’s better than an RPG block world? One where you fly on dragons, of course!

    Role PlayingMinecraft

    Role PlayingMinecraft

    Block Story combines elements of Minecraft with RPG mechanics, offering a unique twist on the sandbox genre. Available on mobile platforms, Block Story features:

    • A quest-based storyline
    • The ability to tame and ride dragons
    • Character customization and leveling
    • Procedurally generated worlds for exploration

    Block Story's blend of sandbox gameplay with RPG elements provides a refreshing alternative for Minecraft fans seeking new challenges.


    Terraria APK

    Explore the world to craft anything you can imagine and defeat bosses for rewards in Terraria.



    Although Terraria is a 2D side-scrolling game, it shares many similarities with Minecraft in terms of crafting, exploration, and building. On mobile devices, Terraria offers:

    • A vast world to explore with various biomes
    • Extensive crafting and building systems
    • Challenging boss battles and events
    • Regular updates with new content and features

    Terraria's unique 2D perspective and focus on combat and progression make it an excellent choice for players looking for a different take on the sandbox crafting genre.

    In conclusion, these five games offer diverse and engaging alternatives to Minecraft on mobile platforms in 2024. Whether you're seeking open-world exploration, survival challenges, or creative building experiences, these titles provide hours of entertainment for sandbox gaming enthusiasts.

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