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Pokémon GO's August 2023 Community Day: Froakie Pokémon, Event Bonuses & More

Pokémon GO August 2023 Community Day features Froakie, the Bubble Frog Pokémon, along with bonuses and research for Trainers.

By Lynda Sumner


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In August of 2023, Pokémon GO players can look forward to another Community Day event featuring Froakie, a water-type Pokémon known as the Bubble Frog. During this event, trainers will have the opportunity to encounter Froakie in the wild. Additionally, there will be various bonuses and research tasks available on Sunday, August 13th from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., according to their local time zone.


    New Frog-like Pokémon: Froakie

    During the August Community Day in 2023, which will take place on Sunday, August 13th from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Froakie sightings in the wild will be much more common than usual.

    Pokemon GO August 2023 Community Day

    Froakie will start appearing more often in the wild. If you're fortunate, there's a chance of finding a Shiny Froakie! This Pokémon is classified as Water type and has maximum Combat Power (CP) of 1122, with an attack stat of 122, defense stat of 84, and stamina stat of 121. Additionally, its abilities are enhanced during Rainy weather conditions. As it progresses in the evolution stages, Froakie first evolves into Frogadier and then ultimately transforms into Greninja. To complete this evolutionary line, a total amount of 125 Candy.

    Greninja's New Special Move: Hydro Cannon

    During this event, Greninja has the opportunity to learn a special move called Hydro Cannon. Within five hours after the event, Frogadier can evolve into Greninja and acquire the powerful attack known as Modified Attack Hydro Cannon.

    • Trainer Battles: 80 power
    • Gyms and raids: 90 power

    During and after the event, Greninja will be able to use the Water Shuriken Fast Attack.

    • Trainer Battles: 6 power
    • Gyms and raids: 10 power

    Featured 4-star Raid Boss & Bonuses

    Following the completion of the three-hour Community Day event, Frogadier will be featured in four-star raids. Trainers can participate in these special raid battles and if they emerge victorious, there will be an increased presence of Froakie around the Gym where the raid took place for a period of 30 minutes.

    Pokemon GO August 2023 Community Day

    After defeating Frogadier in a four-star Raid Battle, Froakie will show up near the Gym where the raid took place for half an hour. There is a chance of encountering a rare Shiny version if you're fortunate enough.

    Event Bonuses Available

    Pokémon catching rewards

    Successful catching for a Pokémon will earn you: 3 Stardusts & 2 Candies. (Trainers of level 3 and higher have 2 chances to get Candy XL during Pokémon catching.)

    Effect durations are extended

    After you light an Incense (excluding Daily Adventure Incense), it can keep attracting nearby Pokémon for 3 hours. (excluding Daily Adventure Incense)

    The Lure Modules effect is extended to 3 hours long.

    Pokémon Trades Bonuses

    A total of four chances to make transactions with other trainers. (An extra Special Trade bonus)

    50% less Stardust is required during Pokémon trades.

    Note: These particular bonuses listed above will be active from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. local time instead.

    Don't forget to take snapshots during Community Day Event and record all your precious moments!

    Research Story: A Bubbly Disposition

    • Pay 1 dollar (or the equivalent in your local currency) to get a unique Special Research story called "A Bubbly Disposition."
    • Follow Pokémon GO's social media channel and get reminded once tickets for the Special Research story are available.
    • Tickets are now available to purchase from the in-game shop. Sent tickets to your friends as a gift if you have reached the Great Friends level or above.
    Note: Tickets cannot be refunded. No in-game medal can be earned from this special Research Story.

    Field Research & Stickers

    During August Community Day, you will have the chance to complete special tasks related to Froakie. By capturing Froakie, you can earn various rewards like extra encounters with Froakie itself, Stardust, Ultra Balls, and other bonuses.

    Pokemon GO August 2023 Community Day

    You can obtain stickers related to events by spinning PokéStops, opening Gifts, or buying them from the shop within the game.

    Pokémon GO APK

    Explore a whole new world with Pokémons!



    Get Pokémon GO on Google Play

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