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Honor of Kings: World Gameplay Trailer Reveals New Maps & Flying Mechanism & World Bosses

More stories about Honor of Kings: World is coming soon! Many new changes are made, including Legendary bosses, underwater caves, creative maps and many more.

By Molly Reagan


Honor of Kings: World released its official gameplay trailer two days ago. Another new expanding game world including tons of fresh maps, characters, legendary bosses and many more is going to be introduced in this massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Players will soon get the chance to appreciate the stunning artwork of its new map and have an immersive visual experience.

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A Vast Fantasy Realm to Explore

The new vast map revealed in the official trailer reminds me of the open world in Tower of Fantasy, an MMORPG that also regularly expands its world map to enhance players' gameplay experience and bring much more in-game fun.

This all-new open world will soon be available where travelers will find many new features: a future city magnificently built high up on a cliff on rim of gorge, remaining relics scattered on the vast plain or wild and uninhabited areas, and mountains standing tall and upright. Traverse the wild field solo or with your friends is up to you!

Swim in A Fascinating Underwater World

Descend into an underwater space filled with wonder, mysteries, and even unknown perils. The spectacular and complex underwater caves and caverns hidden beneath the surface will give players chances at subterranean swimming. Accelerate, slow, change direction, and more. Tapping the screen to control your swimming. With easy and Intuitive control, HoK fans will have great fun in this realistic undersea world.

Glide Skillfully Down to A Safe Landing

HoK offers mobile gamers an amazing way to glide like a bird which is much more fun than normally flying! If there're gaps on the road or even no roads, players have to take a circuitous route to their destination. To fix this, ToK developers created a flying mechanism. This newly added mechanism, which is also one of the highlights of this upcoming version, will offer mobile game lovers a more thrilling and time-saving way to glide smoothly without using any additional equipment or tools. Having total control of direction and speed, players may even fly miles away and glide through the gorge.

Enjoy Intense Battles Against World Bosses

Now here's the most exciting part! Another big feature of HoK: World is the formidable final bosses.

This brief video reveals a couple of new tough bosses in different regions of the land map to beat. What should be noted is they're not easy to defeat, so players should be careful or they may get stuck into a long Boss battle without support from their teammates.

Please note that Honor of Kings: World Game is still a work in progress and its official trailer Timi Studio Group created does not present the final product!

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