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Honor of Kings: Chess Reveals Official Trailer

King's Chess's trailer is coming! Timi studio revealed six auto-chess characters from HoK. Here's everything we know about this long-awaited HoK chess game!

By Irene Luevano


King's Chess, also known as Honor of Kings: Chess is arriving soon! Although there's not much information has been exposed, we can still figure out these mini characters introduced in the brief two-minute trailer above. Now let's see what stories are behind them!

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Six Playable Auto Chess Characters

Bai Ge (Li Bai)

The Sword Master - Assassin

Li Bai is an outstanding poet of the Tang dynasty who is also renowned as "Wine Immortal". He always ties a wine gourd into the waistband string in his white and black robe. Too obsessed with wine and the moon, Li Bai produces inimitable poetry anytime, anywhere with his virtuosity.

A Li (Diao Chan)

The Peerless Dancer - Assassin & Mage

As one of the four great beauties of China, no man can resist her charm. Her dancing is so graceful that everyone who has seen her dancing succumbs to her dance dress, including Lu Bu. To wake up is to live. To live is to meet. One day as Lotuses bloom again, will she meet him?

Jing (Dongfang Jing)

The Mirror's Blad - Assassin

Jing and her brother Dongfang Yao lost their parents at a very young age. From then on, they depended on each other for survival. After she met Lao Fuzi(the old master), everything changed. She passed trials and learned how to make a clone of herself to double her ATK strengths. Now she embarks on a new journey to the unknown!

Yao Mei (Yao)

The Deer Spirit - Support

Yao's the deer spirit in the forest. Since she was born, she got her mission to protect her deer companions and the forest. Her best friend, cloud spirit Yun Zhongjun accompanies her during her growth. Together they become protectors of their forest, and also their home.

Little Da Ji (Da Ji)

The Beguiling Fox - Mage

Da Ji is not the real Da Ji. She's just a puppet without a human heart created by a magus sculptor. One day, she accidentally released the real Da Ji's soul which has the heart of King Zhou. Thinking King Zhou betrayed her, the demon Daji becomes brokenhearted. When Da Ji wakes up, both King Zhou and the soul died. She finds the sculptor and begs him, "This time, please help me find my true love."

Zhuang Xiaoyu (Zhuang Zhou)

The Whale Rider - Support & Tank

One day when Zhuang Zi was meditating, he had a strange dream. In this dream, he was startled to find himself becoming a butterfly. When he woke up, he was kind of confused. He didn't know if he was Zhuang Zhou who had dreamt he was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming that he was Zhuang Zhou.

There're three more products is arriving soon, including an open-world RPG Honor of Kings: World, a fighting title Codename: Breaking Dawn, and an upcoming movie Bali Brothers. If you want to know more details about these three products based on Tencent Games' super hit title Honor of Kings, please follow the Honor of Kings Channel on Twitter.

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