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eFootball 2024 Season 6 Update: New Campigns, Packs and Changes

eFootball 2024 season 6 is finally upon us with tons of surprising changes and new features! Release your energy on the football field and enjoy the crowd cheering from all sides around you!

By Lori Melton


eFootball 2024 APK

Enjoy the fever pitch of "real soccer" in eFootball™ 2024!

SportsSingle Player

SportsSingle Player


    eFootball 2024 Season 6 update is here! This new season elevate the eFootball 2024 gameplay to new heights!

    eFootball 2024 Season 6 Event Duration

  • eFootball 2024 Event Duration: 04/11/2024 02:00 - 06/06/2024 01:59 (UTC)
  • eFootball 2024 Season 6 Update: New Theme

    The eFootball 2024 Season 6 update is causing quite a stir in the virtual soccer community, and for good reason. This season's theme, "Bring the Energy, Bring the Noise," aptly encapsulates the thrilling atmosphere surrounding the new campaigns, packs, and changes that have been introduced.

    Soccer enthusiasts from every corner of the globe are currently experiencing some of the most gripping matches with Season 6 now in full swing. For many clubs, every game is a high-stakes battle that could determine their future in the league. Meanwhile, the fortunate teams find themselves in the race for the glory of silverware. These electrifying matches demand nothing less than the most passionate support from fans, a call to rally behind their favorite teams and players with an energy that transcends the cold calculations of analytics and big data.

    Adding to this fervor are the ongoing Brazilian League kickoff campaign and the commemorative celebrations honoring victorious club teams. And as if this wasn't enough, eFootball is all set to amplify the excitement with a landmark campaign commemorating its 7th anniversary later in the Season.

    Seasons in eFootball roll out at regular intervals, and in true reflection of the Season's vibrant theme, the game is expanding its horizon with a vast array of Player Types. Gamers can look forward to drafting not just Epic and Highlight players but also Trending players who have made their mark in real-world fixtures. This promises a deeply engaging soccer experience, complemented by themed events throughout the season.

    Special Player Lists

    In terms of duration, Season 6 runs from the 4th of November until the 6th of June, promising months of intense soccer action. The game will also feature Special Player Lists, boasting names like J. Saviola, P. Lahm, and D. Albertini, who have left an indelible mark on domestic leagues. Pay special attention to the upcoming Highlight players available through Nominating Contracts which will cover a myriad of positions and roles within the team.

    Match Pass (Updated)

    eFootball isn't just about the excitement on the pitch; it's also about the strategy off it. In keeping with this, the Match Pass system has been overhauled. The updated passes—Regular, Value, and Premium—are designed to enhance your Dream Team with each completed match. This Match Pass update will last until the 9th of May, providing ample time for users to reap the rewards.

    eFootball 2024 APK

    Enjoy the fever pitch of "real soccer" in eFootball™ 2024!

    SportsSingle Player

    SportsSingle Player

    eFootball 2024 Season 6 is more than just an update—it's a celebration of soccer and a call to arms for gamers to bring their best to the virtual pitch.

    Get ready to energize your team and create an unstoppable force to dominate the season!

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