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What's New in eFootball 2024

Check out all the new features added in eFootball 2024 from this article. Which feature did you like?

By Rebecca Whatmore


With the arrival of a fresh season, eFootball 2024 is introducing exciting updates and features. The game has introduced numerous notable elements that demand our attention. In this piece, we will explore the latest additions brought by the game.

eFootball 2024 APK

Enjoy the fever pitch of "real soccer" in eFootball™ 2024!

SportsSingle Player

SportsSingle Player

eFootball 2024 New Features


Without a doubt, one of the most impressive additions to the game is the boosters. This thrilling and fresh feature aims to enhance certain Player Stats, allowing players to surpass the usual limit of 99 and improve their performance even further.

Boosters in eFootball 2024

The paragraph suggests that the item will be divided into various categories and can be applied to any player, enhancing their statistics and improving their performance on the field.

Free-kickFinishing, Set Piece Taking, Curl, Kicking Power
TechniqueBall Control, Dribbling, Tight Possession, Low Pass
AgilitySpeed, Acceleration, Balance, Stamina

Improved Gameplay

The overall gameplay of the game has been enhanced, including improvements in attacking, defending, and goalkeeping. There have been significant advancements in ball control and dribbling with more responsive reactions after the ball is touched. The ability to touch the ball while it's in mid-air has also seen noticeable enhancements, along with new shooting animations being introduced.

The game has made improvements to the defensive aspect by introducing new blocking animations and refining the timing for blocking actions. Additionally, goalkeepers have been enhanced with new punching animations that improve their skills.

Form of Players

Before, players who were labeled as having Standard or Inconsistent Form often had low Conditions like Poor or worse. As a result, they were not considered good options for substitutes. To tackle this issue, the chances of these players experiencing poor conditions or lower have been reduced.

eFootball conditioning

Therefore, starting now, if players who are considered to have inconsistent performance have a Live Update Rating of B or higher, their condition will be changed to Normal or better. This change aims to improve their suitability for selection and create a more balanced gameplay experience.

Availability of Loaned Players

Furthermore, the game has implemented a feature called Loan Players that is only available during specific events. This allows players to participate in Themed Events even if they do not have enough eligible players. By recruiting these Loan Players and adding them to your team, you can easily complete events without any difficulties or obstacles.

eFootball 2024 APK

Enjoy the fever pitch of "real soccer" in eFootball™ 2024!

SportsSingle Player

SportsSingle Player

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