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Clash Royale June 17 Update "Goblin Queen’s Journey" Overview

Clash Royale introduced exciting new gobline cards and modes to keep players engaged! Assemble your goblins, gear up, and let the goblin conquer begin!

By Dorothy Morgan


Clash Royale APK

Clash Royale is a real-time, head-to-head battle game set in the Clash Universe.



Clash Royale is transitioning to a unique user experience with the latest “Goblin Queen’s Journey” update in June 2024. As part of the ‘Goblin’s Gambit’ theme for the June 2024 Update, this particular update highlights the Goblins and will introduce a new Goblin-centered mode, three unprecedented cards, along with a community event. The details of these will be laid out in the following sections.


    Goblin Queen’s Journey Mode (NEW!)

    Joining the ranks of Trophy Road and the Path of Legends is the novel game mode - the Goblin Queen’s Journey. This highly entertaining mode showcases her strong ability to launch babies whilst at the center of the King Tower. Intrigued by how this operates? Allow me to break it down.

    Goblin Queen's Expedition June 2024 update gameplay

    The technique entails playing Goblin cards which build her ability bar that makes it possible for the Queen to shoot goblin babies that then distribute across the arena. Availability of this game mode is restricted to those who have attained Arena 12. It enables players to unlock new Goblin cards as well as earn substantial “queen-size” rewards. As of now, the duration of its availability is uncertain.

    Goblin Cards (NEW!)

    Goblin Queen's Expedition June 2024 new cards

    The reign of the Goblin Queen ushers in three fresh Goblin cards. Each arrives with distinctive abilities that will be explored in the ensuing sections. Post unlocking, these goblin cards can be applied across all game modes.

    Goblin Machine

    Amongst the two troop cards, The Goblin Machine stands as a Legendary card built to execute powerful strikes, with a cost of 5 Elixir. It is depicted as a mechanized suit operated by an adept goblin baby and is furnished with metallic fists along with a rocket launcher.

    Goblin Demolisher

    The Goblin Demolisher, categorized as a Rare card in the game, is priced at 4 Elixir. Recognized for its destructive abilities, the Goblin Demolisher excels at creating pandemonium on the battlefield, remarkably effective against grouped enemy troops and structures.

    Goblin Curse

    The arrival of two troops is further complemented by the Goblin Curse Spell. Priced at 2 Elixir and classified as an Epic card, this novel spell not only injuries enemy troops over time but also metamorphoses them into goblins. This transforming ability can potentially swing a battle by overwhelming adversaries with a sudden surge of goblins.

    The Community Event and Rewards

    Clash Royale's June 17 update also brings in a significant community event with a grand prize pool containing 250,000 gold. Participation can occur by launching goblin babies and vying for the premier rewards. A total of six reward levels can be achieved, with distributions made in accordance with reached levels.

    Here's a brief rundown of the reward tiers from available sources:

    Tier 12x Legendary Wildcards
    Tier 250,000 Gold
    Tier 32x Champion Wildcards
    Tier 475,000 Gold
    Tier 51x Legendary King’s Chest
    Tier 6125,000 Gold
    Fh-z_EhbtL4 image

    The new Community Manager also hints at the potential introduction of more Goblin cards and Evolutions later in the year, assuring continued updates and fresh content for players to engage with. Until then, let's patiently anticipate the next Clash update!

    Clash Royale APK

    Clash Royale is a real-time, head-to-head battle game set in the Clash Universe.



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