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Cost – Consideration should be given to the cost of providing data versus the cost of
providing access to data. Cost can be both a barrier for the user to acquire certain datasets, as
well as for the provider to supply data in the format or extent requested (National Land &
Water Resources Audit 2008).
Ownership and Custodianship – Data ownership should be clearly addressed (Burley and
Peine 2007). Intellectual property rights can be owned at different levels; e.g. a merged
dataset can be owned by one organization, even though other organizations own the
constituent data. If the legal ownership is unclear, the risk exists for the data to be improperly
used, neglected, or lost (National Land & Water Resources Audit 2008). See below for more
discussion of Data Owner and Data Custodian roles.
Privacy – Clarification of what data is private and what data is to be made available in the
public domain needs to occur. Privacy legislation normally requires that personal
information be protected from others. Therefore clear guidelines are needed for personal
information in datasets (National Land & Water Resources Audit 2008).
Liability – Liability involves how protected an organization is from legal recourse. This is
very important in the area of data and information management, especially where damage is
caused to an individual or organization as a result of misuse or inaccuracies in the data.
Liability is often dealt with via end-user agreements and licenses (National Land & Water
Resources Audit 2008). A carefully worded disclaimer statement can be included in the
metadata and data retrieval system so as to free the provider, data collector, or anyone
associated with the dataset of any legal responsibility for misuse or inaccuracies in the data
(Burley and Peine 2007).
Sensitivity – There is a need to identify any data which is regarded as ―sensitive.‖ Sensitive
data is any data which if released to the public, would result in an ―adverse effect‖ (harm,
removal, destruction) on the taxon or attribute in question or to a living individual. A number
of factors need to be taken into account when determining sensitivity, including type and
level of threat, vulnerability of the taxon or attribute, type of information, and whether it is
already publicly available (Chapman and Grafton 2008).
Existing Law & Policy Requirements – Consideration should be given to laws and policies
related to data and information that apply to agencies or multi-agency efforts. Existing
legislation and policy requirements may have an effect on a project‘s data policy. A list of
laws, policies, and directives related to data and information in the Federal Government is
provided in
Roles and Responsibilities
Data management is about individuals and organizations as much as it is about information
technology, database practices, and applications. In order to meet data management goals and
standards, all involved in a project must understand their associated roles and responsibilities
(National Park Service 2008).
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