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KingRoot أيقونة

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4.9.6 by KingRoot Studio


عن KingRoot


أفضل أداة root لجهاز Android الخاص بك

KingRoot is a root tool for "lazy people" who just want to get root access but don't want to flash any third party Recovery into their lovely device.

It can work on almost all device from Android 2.x – 5.0. Working of KingRoot based on system exploit.

The most suitable Root strategy will be deployed from cloud to your device according to your ROM information. So, it’s necessary to keep net connection during root process.

What’s more!

KingRoot app will not trip Samsung KNOX and have ability to close Sony_RIC perfectly.

Meanwhile, unroot operation also can be done easily by just click the button in the menu of KingRoot.

PURIFY is an optimized tool for your Android OS. She can help you to save battery power, improve device standby time, increase speed and return your device to it's pure state. PURIFY works only with ROOT access so if your device is not rooted, you must obtain it before using PURIFY.

You can obtain ROOT access through KingRoot . First and foremost, the first thing we can do is extend standby time and save your battery power. Through purifying apps that insist on running in the background, we can save RAM for you and let your device run faster than ever!

Moreover, for the applications that utilize larger than average amounts of RAM, these too can also run smoothly after purifying mode is implemented. PURIFY can also help you archive notifications and give you a clean notification bar.


What can I do with KingRoot?
With KingRoot you can uninstall unwanted software, improve your devices performance, get admin rights, access rooting apps or fully customize your Android, among other things.

What happens if I remove KingRoot?
If you remove KingRoot from your Android, you will lose all the benefits you got from the tool, including the admin rights. In some cases, the modified apps may stop working or do it with errors.

What is the file size of KingRoot APK?
The file size of KingRoot is 13 MB. But this is for KingRoot, bear in mind that the size of the rooting apps may vary depending on their specifics.

What happens with KingRoot if I update my Android version?
KingRoot may stop working if you update your Android version. Currently, mobile devices manufacturers try to avoid the rooting of their devices, so you may need to reset the app to be able to use it.

تحديث لأحدث إصدار 4.9.6

Last updated on 16/08/2016

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

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طلب KingRoot تحديث 4.9.6


KingRoot Studio

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Android 4.1+

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KingRoot المقالات

KingRoot FAQ

هل تطبيق KingRoot مجاني؟

نعم، تطبيق KingRootمجاني. يمكنك الحصول على ملف KingRoot download apkمن APKPure.

كيف يمكنني تنزيل ملف APK لتطبيق KingRoot؟

يمكنك تحميل ملف APKلتطبيق KingRootمن APKPure، مما يمنحك إمكانية نفاذ كاملة إلى التطبيق دون حدود.

ماذا يمكنني أن أفعل مع KingRoot؟

يمكنك إلغاء تثبيت التطبيق غير المرغوب فيها باستخدام KingRoot، أو تحسين أداء أجهزتك، أو الحصول على حقوق المسؤول، أو الوصول إلى تطبيقات root، أو تخصيص Androidبالكامل، من بين أشياء أخرى.

ماذا يحدث إذا قمت بإزالة KingRoot؟

إذا قمت بإزالة KingRootمن جهاز Androidالخاص بك، فستفقد جميع الفوائد التي حصلت عليها من الأداة، بما في ذلك حقوق المسؤول. في بعض الحالات، قد تتوقف التطبيقات المعدلة عن العمل أو تفعل ذلك مع وجود أخطاء.

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