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My Little Pony : Unicorn Jetpack 圖標

1.0 by PAW Puppy PATROL and Little pony games for FREE


關於My Little Pony : Unicorn Jetpack

my little pony equestria girls is a flying game with a jetpack

Are you Fan of My little pony ? Play our amazing little pony Equestria Girls, little pony friendship is magic, explore my little ponies friendship it’s magic and amazing princesses !

My Little Pony : jetpack is an equestrian girls toys game, run and jump with Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and pinkie pie toys without crossing the lasers, all characters are toys and princesses.

My little ponies is a classic and popular game which is full of flying with ponies, all you need to do is to fly with equestrian girls because the friendship is magic, so be careful of princesses.

LITTLE PONY will be helped to collect toys and princesses and save the little ponies from falling down, the equestrian girls will be glad to play this My Little Pony game .

It’s very easy to control My Little Pony game ! Just tap on the arrows then you will fly down and up with no princesses problems, Equestria girls will play with Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash !!

Dash award to get more coins and reach more levels, all you have to do is keep jumping with Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow and friendship, keep collecting cakes and avoid My Little Pony crashing with Lasers.

Fly in the sky with ponies and jump higher with Rainbow , little pony wants to fly higher without falling down, all you need to do is to challenge your unicorn friends with the little pony score !

You can make it ! Just keep flying with PRINCESSES PONIES , and pony little will success to get you the best score, only few people have win this unicorn equestrian girls!

In My Little Pony missions you will fly with Rainbow and twilight Sparkle in sky once the equestrian unicorn lost Sparkle!

What are you waiting for ? get this little toys pony now !


1. Amazing dogs running game

2. To be a Toys My pony after choose role

3. Run as fast as My Little Pony unicorn you can

4. Amazing background in no wifi game

5. Easy controls

This game combines the classical gameplay of arcade in my little pony games, all of which are super famous, My little pony is easy to play unicorn Toys, you will find Sparkle, , Now ! play game to explore the amazing magic world, collect as many as Diamond as possible, Defeat all princess and know that the pony friendship is magic. just Jump, , Run, Crouch, you are the magic Little pony this is the most amazing free game, you can play 40 levels toys ponies are easy to play ! All you have to do is to download the game and enjoy your.


Last updated on 2018年02月14日

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!




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Smrt Paichark


Android 3.0+


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