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เกี่ยวกับ Grand Vegas Gangster City Criminal

Play crime in Vegas city with criminal robbery in gangster game battle simulator

Drown yourself in the new street crime gangster car battle simulator robbery game today, and

welcome the thief life in street and war crime in gangster vegas adventure. The crime and action,

police and mafia gangster game is out now and you wouldn’t want a moment to miss it!

Download the game now to start the gangster adventure in Vegas city!

The gangster kill game is filled with action, detailed with chaos of city battle and also lethal

stealing city auto game! After all, it is do or just die in this battle simulator criminal robbery

game! Escape from the city police and enter the lavish city of Vegas and let’s see if you live up

to the war crime and name of the sinful city!

Don’t commit gangster auto crime but challenge other gangsters in vegas to do city battle against

you in vegas games of theft mafia! Collect money and return from crime city home rich! Race

around in others gangster cars! Enjoy wrestling and boxing and play mafia gangster auto in

shooting mafia gang games!

As the grand city gangsters run loose and free in the city, they are armed with multiple weapons

and trickery in theft gangster! Play the game and try mafia and gangster adventures like

containing a mafia crime gun and fighting against rival groups of gangster in a shooting


Run down the gangster Vegas city and hold on to some other passenger’s car, get them out of

their gangster car and then grab on to others gangster gang city cars! There are money houses

and casinos where you can try your battle simulator gangster luck and rush to all the lavish and

expensive bars to try out new drinks famous in the Vegas liberty auto robbery game.

The game will provide you with time based and navigation based tasks which will vary from

level to level all based on fun and adventure in Vegas as temporary gangsters like the Mafia!!

Proceed to the next crime adventure level by completing the current task, escaping cops in city


Make new criminal and gangster friends and go on new game provided missions with your new

clan of Vegas time gangsters on sin adventure. Break all mafia gangster gang city rules and

become a part of the sin adventure city liberty auto.

Since vegas is a big city famous for sin, you can practically get away with all the designated

crime acts which are not supposed to be harmful or violent as theft gangster! The game has

different environment simulations which makes you discover more and more of vegas!!!

Learn self defense and what not in mafia gangster auto! Become a vegas Rockstar!!!


- Begin vegas crime city mafia gangster game

- Select the cityscape

- Run into the vegas city

- Missions will appear on screen

- Begin mission

- Use onscreen controls to perform tasks

- Time frame will be given in which to perform the tasks

- Complete gangster and crime tasks in action in the given time

- Proceed to next round

- Navigation system on screen tells you where mission target it, follow it to complete level

- Use icons on screen to perform multiple tasks like shooting


ข้อมูล เกม เพิ่มเติม


ส่งคำขออัปเดต Grand Vegas Gangster City Criminal 1.0


Jaym Marquez

ต้องใช้ Android

Android 4.1+


มีอะไรใหม่ใน 1.0 เวอร์ชันล่าสุด

Last updated on Aug 2, 2018

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!


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