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APKPure Pobierz usługę

As a global leading platform for apps and games services, APKPure is committed to providing users with secure and fast app download services.

We have opened up APKPure's download service, allowing developers to easily integrate it and provide users with a more convenient and secure download experience.

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How to Choose APKPure Download Services

Download Link
If you want to provide a download option with the original download button or text link on your website without changing the existing style, you can choose the Download Link.
Website Widget
If you prefer to obtain the full download style Widget, which includes the app/game's icon, name, and other information, you can choose the Website Widget.

Website Widget

Embedded Website Widget

Embedded Website Widget

The Web Widget can be easily embedded on your website, displaying brief information and download buttons for Android games and apps.

Using the Web Widget is very simple; developers just need to embed a piece of code into the website and enter the package name of the respective game or app. Users can then effortlessly obtain the APK file by clicking on the download button.

<> Code
Copy Code
              /* html */
              <blockquote data-package-name="com.apkpure.aegon" data-language="en" class="apkpure-app-card">

              /* javascript script */ 
              <script async charset="utf-8" src="https://static.apkpure.com/www/static/script/plugins/appCard-1.0.0.min.js">

Website Widget Code

Go to your website, and paste the code snippet you copied to add the web widget to any place you want it to appear on the page. Some parameters can be customized according to your needs, such as the package name and language. And the widget will display in the way you want according to your settings.


Still have a question?
How to obtain the code snippet of the Web Widget?
You can go to the Web Widget Code section on this page and click on the Copy Code button to get the code snippet. Then you can change the language or package name according to your needs.
How to get the package name of an app?
1. Search for the app name on APKPure.com.
2. Click on the app you need and enter the app info page.
3. The package name is a string after the last "/" in the page URL.
e.g., "com.apkpure.aegon" is the package name of APKPure App (URL: https://apkpure.com/apkpure/com.apkpure.aegon).

Cooperate with APKPure

You are welcome to send your ideas regarding business cooperation to spark@apkpure.com.

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