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Wild Rift 5.0 Update: New Champion Syndra, Wild Pass and More

Wild Rift 5.0 Update is finally out! Players will meet new champion Syndra and perform her skills in the game! Moreover, an all-new Wild Pass and the ranked season 12 also go live!

By Dorothy Morgan


League of Legends: Wild Rift APK

5v5 MOBA Action! Team up with friends, select a champion, & dive into the Rift.




    A New Horizon of Chaos

    Riot Games has put the Wild Rift realm in a frenetic state of excitement with the release of the version 5.0 update—a significant milestone in the game's evolution. With a plethora of new content, including a potent new champion, enchanting items, intriguing map adjustments, and refined gameplay dynamics, the update is designed to redefine the Wild Rift experience. The patch arrives just in time to celebrate the Lunar New Year, promising a fusion of chaos and festivities.

    Syndra, the Dark Sovereign Emerges

    Captivating the spotlight is Syndra, the Dark Sovereign, the latest and most formidable Ionian mage to enter the fray. Her tragically beautiful lore narrates the tale of immense power intertwined with uncontrollable nature. Once regarded as brazen for her raw, untamed abilities, Syndra’s journey from a restrained child to a force that refuses to bow down is a testament to her unyielding spirit.

    Syndra's entrance to Wild Rift isn't just about her lore; it's about what she brings to the battlegrounds. With her unique abilities to harness and manipulate dark spheres of energy, she vows to obliterate any adversary that dares to shackle her potential. Players will no doubt be eager to determine where she fits within the ecosystem, so be sure to check Wild Rift's tier lists for the latest champion rankings.

    pZNUomQvTG8 image

    A New Breed of Ally: Companions

    Reinforcing the ranks of Wild Rift features are the newly introduced Companions. These aren't your average battle comrades; they're designed to lift your spirits. Dragonhorn and Fluffiee are just a couple of the 29 Companions making their heartwarming debut. As they dutifully follow you into the heat of battle, offering morale-boosting encouragement, every encounter feels less like a skirmish and more like an adventure with a trusted friend.

    Culinary Chaos with the Wild Pass

    The 5.0 update isn't complete without the inclusion of its signature Wild Pass. This season's theme, Food Spirits Veigar, adds a sprinkle of culinary magic to the mix. Players can embark on a gastronomic quest to unlock the Ascended Food Spirits Veigar skin and an array of delightful rewards. This culinary quest is sure to whet the appetite for victory.

    Ranked Season 12: A Glorious Affair

    As players gear up for a new chapter of competitive play, Ranked Season 12 declares its commencement. Glorious Crown Xin Zhao stands as the season's exclusive reward, a regal skin that is a tribute to the warrior's valor. Not to be overshadowed, Glorious Armada Twisted Fate returns, beckoning players with his suave and refined aesthetics.

    Join the Revelry

    With the 5.0 update, Wild Rift is setting up a festive battleground where new legends will be born, and the fun is endless. If the lore of champions, the charm of companions, and the thrill of competition resonate with you, then the Wild Rift's latest patch is your battlefield of choice. To join the fray, simply download Wild Rift for free using your favorite platform. The rift awaits your conquest—will you rise as its Sovereign?

    League of Legends: Wild Rift APK

    5v5 MOBA Action! Team up with friends, select a champion, & dive into the Rift.



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