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League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 3.4 Preview

Wild Rift Patch 3.4 Leaks reveal its updates on fresh new elements to enrich its gameplay. Now let's get to the point!

By Lynda Sumner


League of Legends: Wild Rift APK

5v5 MOBA Action! Team up with friends, select a champion, & dive into the Rift.



LOL: WR patch 3.4 is scheduled to set out on September 15, according to Riot Games, the developer of Wild Rift. Following its release is a bunch of fresh content. Champions in different art styles with individual combat skills bring players all-new Wild Rift engaging action gaming. To lit the flame of Wild Rift online players, the dev also releases a cast of skins with additional abilities, items that catalyze combats, and the duel game mode that supports solo fights, team fights, and many other fighting styles. Many other fun changes emerge in this latest update. Players can find more details on Wild Rift's official website.


    New Champions & Release Date

    Wild Rift version 3.4 players will embrace four new champions selected from the League of Legends main games. Four characters have unique skill combos and charming costumes with their characteristics.


    "The Hallowed Seamstress"

    • Class: Skirmisher
    • Weapons: Scissors & Needles & Sewing thread
    • Skill sets: Thousand Cuts (Innate) & Snip,snip (Passive) & Hallowed Mist & Skip n' slash & Needlework(Active)
    • Release Date: September 15 at 08:01 GMT+8


    "The Unforgotten"

    • Classes: Assassin & Skirmisher
    • Weapons: Steel sword & Azakana sword
    • Skill sets: Way of the Hunter (Innate) & Mortal Steel & Spirit Cleave & Soul Unbound & Fate Sealed (Active)
    • Release Date: September 22 at 08:01 GMT+8

    The other two upcoming champions, Vex and Warwick will be released later in patch 3.4b and 3.4c separately. Check the Patch roadmap below to get ready for subsequent game events!

    Health Items & Other Available Items

    2 Support Quest Items

    • Spectral Sickle: Cause damage to any enemies that are close to you.
    • Relic Shield: Beat minions of your opposing team half to death.

    Both AD and AP champs will benefit at the beginning by using these two items for support. To encourage potential and current Wild Rift players, Riot adds these two health items to earn Wild Rift players more gold and make them pick up key items earlier and easier.

    5 more Items In This Patch

    • Cosmic Drive: Cast spells to attack your opposing champion & Move your character faster.
    • Riftmaker: Amplify damage to make true damage dealt.
    • Imperial Mandate: Offer bonus damage & Mark the freezing enemies.
    • Meteor Enchant: Push your enemies away & Amplify damage
    • Protect Enchant: Activate the protection shield
    FlD9IGtE26E image

    Limited Yet Intensive Battle To Play - Duel Gamemode

    Time Duration: 2022.09.16-022.09.29

    Fair game 1v1 battle with no interruption from junglers and supports.

    Colorful Skins Will Be Released In Patch 3.4

    Patch 3.4

    • Space Groove Gwen
    • Crystal Rose Yone

    Patch 3.4a

    • Supreme Cells Zed
    • Supreme Cells Sett
    • Supreme Cells Kennen

    Patch 3.4b

    • Bewitching Miss Fortune
    • Bewitching Vex
    • Bewitching Morgana

    Patch 3.4c

    • Old God Warwick
    League of Legends: Wild Rift APK

    5v5 MOBA Action! Team up with friends, select a champion, & dive into the Rift.



    Stay tuned with us to know more updates and news about League of Legends: Wild Rift!

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