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Null's Brawl Tier List in May 2024

Discover the top brawlers in Null's Brawl for May 2024. Learn which brawlers dominate the meta and how to use them effectively.

By Lori Melton


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Null's Brawl, a popular private server for Brawl Stars, offers a unique gaming experience with all brawlers unlocked and various enhancements. Understanding the tier list is crucial for players aiming to dominate the game. This article provides a comprehensive tier list for Null's Brawl in May 2024, highlighting the best brawlers and their strengths.

Overview of Null's Brawl Tier List

The tier list for Null's Brawl categorizes brawlers based on their performance and utility in the current meta. Brawlers are ranked from S+ to D, with S+ being the most powerful and D being the least effective. This ranking helps players choose the best brawlers for different game modes and strategies.

(Image via YouTube Channel @PatchyBS )

S+ Tier Brawlers

The S+ tier includes the most dominant brawlers in Null's Brawl. These brawlers excel in various game modes and are essential for competitive play.

- Angelo: Known for his long-range attacks and versatility, Angelo is a top pick. However, players must manage their low health carefully.

- Buzz: Buzz's ability to stun enemies and his high mobility make him a formidable opponent.

- Draco: With powerful attacks and strong defensive capabilities, Draco is a well-rounded brawler.

- Gene: Gene's healing abilities and crowd control make him invaluable in team compositions.

- Lilly: A new addition, Lilly has quickly become a favorite due to her balanced skill set.

- Leon: Leon's Smoke Bomb ability allows for easy escapes and ambushes, making him a top damage dealer.

S Tier Brawlers

S tier brawlers are also highly effective and can be game-changers in the right hands.

- Amber: Amber's continuous fire attack can deal significant damage over time.

- Belle: Belle's long-range attacks and bouncing shots are great for controlling the battlefield.

- Charlie: Charlie's versatility and strong attacks make him a solid choice.

- Cordelius: Known for his crowd control abilities, Cordelius excels in team fights.

- Jessie: Jessie's turret can provide consistent damage and area control.

- Kit: Kit's mobility and damage output make her a valuable asset in various game modes.

A and B Tier Brawlers

A and B tier brawlers are effective but may require more skill or specific strategies to maximize their potential.

- A Tier: Includes brawlers like Bea, Bibi, Bo, Byron, Carl, Chuck, Colette, Colt, Dynamike, Edgar, Jacky, Max, Pam, Pearl, Piper, Sprout, Stu, and Tick. These brawlers are strong but may have certain weaknesses or require specific playstyles to excel.

- B Tier: Includes 8-Bit, Barley, Brock, Bull, Buster, Emz, Fang, Gale, Griff, Larry & Lawri, Leon, Lola, Mandy, Mortis, Nani, Otis, R-T, and Sam. These brawlers are decent but may struggle against higher-tier opponents.

Tips for Using Top-Tier Brawlers

To make the most of the top-tier brawlers in Null's Brawl, consider the following tips:

1. Master Their Abilities: Spend time learning the unique abilities and playstyles of S+ and S tier brawlers to maximize their potential.

2. Team Composition: Use brawlers that complement each other in team modes. For example, pairing a healer like Gene with a damage dealer like Leon can be very effective.

3. Map Awareness: Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your brawlers on different maps and game modes. Some brawlers perform better in specific environments.

4. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on updates and balance changes, as the meta can shift with new patches and adjustments.

By following this tier list and utilizing these tips, players can enhance their performance in Null's Brawl and enjoy a more competitive gaming experience.

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