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Fortnite Magneto Update Patch Notes

Fortnite Magneto Update is here, released on 07/02! Magnet, the iconic X-Men character is joining the X-men crew in Fortnite! Don't miss the chance to get his Wastelander skin and power gauntlets!

By Dorothy Morgan


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    Fortnite Magneto Update: What's Coming

    Magneto was AVAILABLE in Fortnite on July 2!!! 🧲⚡

    New skins, outfits, powerful magnetic abilities, items, exciting quests...

    With his arrival, a load of content is added, and MORE is coming on the way!!! (Stay tuned for more!)

    Players can now harness Magneto's powers in Battle Royale mode and unlock exclusive cosmetic items through a series of challenges.

    Magneto Gauntlets: How to Get

    Metal. It bends to my will.

    • [New Item] Magneto Power Gauntlets - A new mythic power item in Battle Royale.
    • [How to Use] Weapon? Shield? or both? It allows players to create metal shard shields to protect themselves, also to attack. Fire the shards and huge damage will be caused.
    • [Where to Find It] Players can find it as floor loot, in chests, or purchased from Wastelander Magneto NPC.

    * There is no prized tournament for Magneto Gauntlets.

    Wastelander Magneto Skin: How to Get

    X-Men's Magneto page is finally UNLOCKED, and also Magneto's secret skins!

    All outfits of Magneto? Two variants:

    • [Outfit Styles] Wastelander Magneto Outfit & Magneto Style of the Wastelander Magneto Outfit.

    How to unlock Magneto's skins? Here's a fast guide:

    • [How to Get] Available through the Magneto Quests in Chapter 5 Season 3 Battle Pass:

    Complete three Page 1 quests for the Wastelander Magneto outfit.

    Pick 3 random quests to challenge. Three quests victory will unlock the Wastelander Magneto Outfit. Do the quests in any order you like!

    Wastelander Magneto Outfit

    Players can choose to keep the Magneto’s helmet on or change it to a face plate.

    Here's the complete list of all Page 1 quests:

    1. Visit the Weapon X Lab

    “Cease your revelry and heed me — at once!” Unlocks the Knock, Knock, CLANG Loading Screen.

    2. Collect Magneto Gauntlets

    “Those who fail to seize power... and quickly... will be lost.” Unlocks the Magneto's Grasp Spray.

    3. Travel 300 units in the air with Magneto Gauntlets equipped

    “Mine is the power to destroy — but I choose not to.” Unlocks the Magnetized Scrap Pickaxe.

    4. Hit 10 vehicles using Magneto Gauntlets

    “I am — Power!” Unlocks a Wastelander Magneto Banner Icon.

    Wastelander Magneto Banner Icon

    The Knock, Knock, CLANG Loading Screen, Magneto's Grasp Spray, Magnetized Scrap Pickaxe, and Wastelander Magneto Banner Icon.

    Complete three Page 2 quests for the Magneto Style of the Wastelander Magneto Outfit.

    Same rule as Page 1. Three quest wins will get you the Magneto Style of the Wastelander Magneto Outfit. You can start them in whatever order you choose.

    Magneto Style of the Wastelander Magneto Outfit

    Here's the complete list of all Page 2 quests:

    1. Eliminate 5 opponents with Magneto Gauntlets

    “Allow me to show you real pain and anger!” Unlocks the Crushed GG Emoticon.

    2. Block 200 hits using Magneto Gauntlets for defense

    “I defy you to do your worst.” Unlocks the Magnetic Steps Glider.

    3. Do 2,000 damage to opponents from one story above or higher

    “There is no place to hide.” Unlocks the Disassemble Emote.

    4. Configure 3 Rift Beacons

    “The time for subtlety is passing.” Unlocks the Magnetism Master Wrap.

    Magnetism Master Wrap

    The Crushed GG Emoticon, Magnetic Steps Glider, Disassemble Emote, and Magnetism Master Wrap

    Before you leave this page, be sure to check our other Fortnite-related articles:

    To get the full Fortnite Magneto Update Patch, please read the official patch on the Fortnite site: WASTELANDER MAGNETO EMERGES IN FORTNITE + MAGNETO GAUNTLETS PACK A PUNCH IN BR 7.2.2024

    Fortnite APK

    Jump in with your friends. Play together. Earn rewards.



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