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COD Mobile Season 3 2023 Rush Update Patch Notes

COD Mobile Season 3 2023 Rush update will start on March 30, 2023, and the battle pass will begin on March 31st, 2023. Read this article to grab all the details of COD Mobile Season 3 2023 Rush update!

By Zac Dickson


Once Season 2 of Call of Duty Mobile comes to an end, players can expect a shift in the atmosphere with the upcoming COD Mobile Season 3 2023. The Rush Multiplayer map will be introduced along with various updates that aim to improve user experience. Additionally, there will be new seasonal challenges and rewards for players as well as a fresh Battle Pass waiting for them. Moreover, the HDR Sniper Rifle is set to make its debut which adds more excitement to this season's gameplay.

Call of Duty Mobile APK

Call of Duty Mobile, one of the best FPS franchise is coming to mobile.




    COD Mobile Season 3 2023 Rush update: Battle Pass

    The RUSH Battle Pass provides a variety of free and paid items such as Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, and COD Points that can be used towards future purchases in the Premium Pass or Store.

    COD Mobile Season 3 2023: Battle Pass Free Tiers

    At Tier 14, you can obtain the Wheelson Scorestreak which will deploy a drone with an automatic grenade launcher. The HDR Sniper Rifle is also available at Tier 21 and it has the ability to take out enemies from far away due to its high damage output. Additionally, there are several other noteworthy items that can be acquired for free such as various camos, Weapon Blueprints, and the Cordite — Swirly which becomes accessible at Tier 50.

    COD Mobile Season 3 2023

    COD Mobile Season 3 2023: Premium Pass Tiers

    In order to unlock all the content available on Rush stream, which includes Operator Skins for characters like Rivas in different styles such as Neon, Darkwave, Domino, and Tech Spectrum along with Stitch – Disciple. One can purchase the Premium Pass that also comes with a Blueprint of HDR - Iridescent Lines weapon from Season 3. This blueprint will enable players to use neon-colored weapons like KRM-262 - Smiling Faces, KN-44 - Candy Bracelet and Razorback - Treble in the Club during gameplay.

    COD Mobile Season 3 2023: Battle Pass Subscription

    If you buy a Battle Pass Subscription, you can become part of the Ground Forces and get more rewards every season. You'll also receive 10% more XP for your player and weapons, as well as some discounts on crate pulls. The prizes for Season 3 in the Ground Forces include an operator skin called Zane — Miasma, a weapon blueprint named BK57 — Music For Life, and Backpack 3 — DJ's Bass.

    Call of Duty Mobile APK

    Call of Duty Mobile, one of the best FPS franchise is coming to mobile.



    COD Mobile Season 3 2023: New Multiplayer Map - Rush

    You can test your speedball skills with the new multiplayer map called Rush. This map is designed for a fast-paced competitive version of the game where teams have to navigate through inflatable barriers and other obstacles while trying to defeat their opponents.

    On this moderately sized map, operators will have battles all over the place - from the inner and outer fields to the gift shop and parking lot. There are plenty of obstacles in an obstacle course that you can use to your advantage as you try to outmaneuver your opponents. Try going up ramps or attacking from unexpected angles on foot.

    Quality-of-Life Updates: Single Player Map Training, Safe House

    The new Training feature allows players to practice on ranked multiplayer maps in a unique way. You can choose the map you want to train on and play along with different options available, such as modifying weapon configurations, adding opponent bots of varying difficulty levels, turning on special features like infinite ammo or invisibility, etc. By utilizing these tools, you can create an ideal setting for yourself to become proficient at the map.

    The Safe House is an extension of your player profile that takes you to a hidden shelter where you can exhibit your preferred Operator, Weapon, and Vehicle Skins along with the latest accomplishments and other details about yourself to fellow players.

    New Events in COD Mobile Season 3 2023

    • Blast Eggs, Get Rewards in the Easter Battle Royale Event

    In Battle Royale, there are Easter Eggs that can be broken to receive rewards. By defeating enemies, you can also earn tokens which can be traded with Easter-themed Non-Playable Characters for prizes. Additionally, during the event players have access to a new item called Self-Redeploy which sends revive flights to bring back fallen team members.

    COD Mobile Season 3 2023

    You can earn additional rewards by participating in Easter-themed activities. Test your skills with the Egg Hunter: Match Challenge and try to outsmart your opponents. By performing well in Prop Hunt, you'll receive Egg Hunter Tokens that can be used to purchase items such as the Epic Chopper - Dark Matter Weapon Blueprint from the Egg Hunter Market. You can also compete in Ranked Play for a chance to win even more tokens.

    • New Themed Event: Chromatic Feast

    In this exciting new game mode, players can obtain colorful bullets by completing different tasks within the game. The more you participate in the game, the more of these special bullets you'll receive. You can use them to capture control points on the map which offer unique strategic benefits and drawbacks. To get a high score, try to capture as many control points as possible. By participating in this event, you may earn rewards like JAK-12 — Waves of Harmony, Carver Butcher — Spaced Out or Calling Card — Surveyor Master.

    • New Seasonal Challenges and Featured Events

    Rush has added fresh Seasonal Challenges and Events that offer rewards such as Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Battle Pass XP, and additional items. These include the latest CR56 - GRD-11 signature attachment for the CR-56.

    Introducing the latest signature attachment, CR56 — GRD-11, exclusively for the CR-56. Keep an eye on the in-game Events tab during this season to learn more about Daily Missions rewards and Monthly Login incentives.

    Store Update: New Mythic Weapon Draw and more

    • New Mythic Weapon Draw: The Mythic QQ9 - Dual Kinetics is a powerful weapon that only one person, who goes by the name Dusk, is skilled enough to use. With this new Draw event, players have the opportunity to unlock not only Dusk's Drawing Dark Operator Skin but also her new Mythic Weapon as well as other Skins and Blueprints for weapons.

    COD Mobile Season 3 2023

    Other Season 3 Draws include:

    • Nikto — Gothic Bass: Nikto is eager to try out his new armor in combat, and he's armed with the powerful Legendary CR-56 AMAX - Twisted Visions rifle. He also has other skins that are colored purple and black.
    • Klepto: Klepto is a person who takes anything that isn't secured. She always carries her Legendary HDR - Persuasion, which is an elaborate weapon crafted from high-density ceramics and equipped with a water-cooling system to reduce the heat generated during firing, no matter what task she undertakes.
    • Cipher — Tokyo Cruiser: After the New Vision City attack, Alexander "Cipher" McDaniels found a collection of weapons to get ready for future fights. Among his valuable possessions was the Legendary UL736 - Electric Light.
    • Battle Pass Vault: In Season 3, players can obtain the Hunt Battle Pass which includes Epic Operator Skins such as Mace - Tombstone, Makarov - Splinter, Outrider - Amazonas and Mara - Valkyrie. Additionally, they can add Weapon Blueprints to their collection including LK24- Backwoods, XPR-50- Arachnophobia RPD-Carnivorous and GKS- Scion.

    When will COD Mobile Season 3 2023 start

    Call of Duty Mobile's Season 3 for the year 2023 will start on March 30th, while its battle pass season will commence a day after. We wish you an enjoyable gaming experience during this period!

    We trust that this article on the Reawakening update for COD Mobile Season 3 in 2023 has been useful to you. If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to ask them in the comment section below, and we will make sure to respond promptly.

    Call of Duty Mobile APK

    Call of Duty Mobile, one of the best FPS franchise is coming to mobile.



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