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BGMI 3.1 Update: Everything We Know So Far

Ready to test out a plethora of exciting new content coming to the BGMI 3.1 update? Read this article to learn more about BGMI 3.1's release date and major updates!

By Molly Reagan


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is anticipating a wave of excitement and novelty with its upcoming 3.1 update, which is drawing inspiration from the mystical allure of Arabian Nights. This specific theme is set to bedeck the game with an array of fantastical elements, blending folklore with fierce combat.

As is customary, every other month, BGMI rolls out a significant update to keep its gameplay fresh and engaging, and the 3.1 update promises to be no deviation from this thrilling tradition.

First, let's take a closer look at some highlights of this upcoming new version before we get into more patch details:

✧ Kragton has prepared a whole new set of exciting features to amuse players and bring them huge excitement and magical fun!

✧ This big update is set to go! However, there are still some details that are not settled, so the release date is not announced yet.

✧ According to the regular update patterns of BGMI's version updates, the 3.1 version may be officially released by the end of March or the first week of April!


    BGMI 3.1 Update: Expect Release Date

    Based on insights from ClassifiedYT, a renowned Youtuber in the gaming community, the 3.1 update is scheduled to animate the virtual battlegrounds between the last week of March and the first week of April.

    BGMI 3.1 Update: Key Features

    Major highlights of this update include the arrival of an upgraded P90 weapon in Air Drops and the launch of the A6 Royale Pass featuring an exclusive female 100 RP outfit, an element that has been a regular attraction in the game's seasonal offerings.

    1. Erangel's Aerial Islands

    A fresh twist to the map of Erangel will introduce two floating islands, treasure troves that promise level 3 loot, offering players the equipment edge needed for victory.

    2. Summoning the Genie

    In an innovative interaction, players can now call upon a Genie at designated portals in Erangel, rewarding them with coveted level 3 loot and high-caliber weaponry like the Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM) Sniper Rifle and Anti Material Rifle (AMR).

    3. Teleportation Portals

    The update introduces a mystical artifact, a game-changer that allows players to create their teleportation portals, enabling abrupt repositioning across the map. Even utilities such as Grenades and Molotov Cocktails can be sent through these magical conduits.

    4. New Vehicle Flying Carpet

    A novel mode of travel will be available through a flying carpet, accommodating two players and enabling them to soar above the battlegrounds, introducing a new dimension of strategy and mobility.

    5. Dancing Grenade Utility

    An intriguing addition to the BGMI arsenal, the new Grenade forms a temporary dome on impact. Opponents caught within its perimeter are compelled to dance, offering a unique tactical advantage.

    6. Boats Afloat with Loot

    Taking the loot dynamics to the water, two floating boats will also be scattered over the map, enriched with level 3 gear for the players to plunder.

    While the details above are based on leaks and subject to alteration, they paint an enchanting picture of what's to come in the 3.1 BGMI update. It's clear that the developers are weaving whimsy with warfare, offering players new means to engage in combat, reinforce their arsenals, and maneuver across the battlegrounds with uncharted agility.

    The infusion of the Arabian Nights theme is set to bestow a fantastical ambiance upon BGMI, boosting not just the visual appeal but also the tactical depth of the game. The prospects of summoning genies, hopping onto magical carpets, and engaging in playful, yet strategic use of new grenades are likely to redefine the current playstyles.

    The community eagerly awaits further announcements, ready to embrace these bewitching updates, which promise to "spice up" their tactical approach and gameplay experience. Until the official release, players can only theorize and dream about the enchanting possibilities that are poised to unfold with the BGMI 3.1 update.

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