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Arknights Brings The Lone Trail Side Story, New Operators, Rewards And More

A plethora of new content is now available in Arknights' latest update. Update Arknights on your phone and you can go through the Lone Trail Side Story, participate in new events, try on operator skins, and enjoy!

By Dorothy Morgan


Hailed as the beacon of excitement for strategy RPG enthusiasts worldwide, Yostar, the renowned game development company is setting the stage for another mammoth milestone. A feud between risk and inevitability, stoic defense, and aggressive offense is on the brink of enfolding. Their hallmark franchise, The Division: Resurgence, is preparing to steer a new regional beta test. This news comes hot on the heels of the recent update for Arknights, which introduced a captivating side story titled Lone Trail into the strategic mobile RPG world.

The Lone Trail update unraveled a gripping tale of courage and determination, chronicling the vanishing act of Director Kristen Wright just as the Arc-01 project edges toward completion. The narrative spotlight shone on the resilient Rhodes Island team grappling with the arduous task of staunchly defending the Rhine Lab from relentless military onslaughts. Compounding their ordeal was the inexplicable disappearance of their beloved Director, leaving the team in the throes of a power vacuum and a formidable adversary.

Lone Trail, true to its dramatic persona, offered a window spanning from November 7th to December 5th for the eager enthusiasts of Arknights. Yostar's generous gesture of introducing four riveting operators along with seven outfits springing from the creative genius of Bloodline of Combat and Ambience Synaesthesia was an added delight. Players who proved their mettle by achieving elite scores and completing intricate tasks were crowned with the coveted reward - Silence the Paradigmatic’s Token.

U_laI-G21fo image

Every addition to the roster of operators warrants attention. However, Ho’olheyak emerges as a shining star. A formidable 6-star Core Caster, she possesses a unique ability to make opponents levitate, a fascinating combination of strategy and power. Second to none, her lethal combo of hits that wrecks arts damage to any random enemy within the range, lends an element of unpredictability to her rendition of chaos.

However, the brilliance doesn’t end there, as we widen our scope to Muelseye, also a dignified 6-star Vanguard. Despite her nature-loving exterior as an ecologist, Muelseye stands as a formidable force capable of summoning Reinforcements to potent Tactical Points. The ability to intermittently grant herself and a chosen Reinforcement both a Deployment Point and an increased attack force makes her a game-changer in every sense.

Silence the Paradigmatic, another esteemed 6-star supporter, ingrains ally support and HP restoration through her abilities, Silent Mainstay and Soaring Wings. This mitigates the team's risk of being defeated by maintaining the HP levels above zero. Capping off the new arrivals is the 5-star Sniper, Melanite, who is equally lethal. Blessed with an overpowering arsenal and a voracious appetite for mayhem, Melanite leaves no stone unturned to bring adversaries to heel.

Yostar is ensuring no player leaves the Arknights battlefield empty-handed with a limited-time Special Case Contact, C.U.D.O.D. Other potent items viz. components of Rhine Tech Eco-Garden furniture, Recruitment Permits, Battle Records, and Elite Materials have been injected into the mix.

Arknights, an enticing amalgamation of strategy, skill, and excitement, continues to shine a beacon of fascination in the vast world of RPGs. Free to download and gleaming with all-new updates, it remains a substantive step for Yostar into the future of mobile gaming. The impending regional beta testing of The Division: Resurgence will undoubtedly test players' mettle and the boundaries of strategic RPGs worldwide. The table is set, the stage is roaring, witness the resurgence!

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