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Tactical Warfare: Elite Forces आइकन

Varies with device by Gravity Interactive, Inc.

Dec 22, 2020

Tactical Warfare: Elite Forces के बारे में

टैक्टिकल वारफेयर एक फ्री-टू-प्ले एफपीएस है जिसमें पीसी और मोबाइल क्रॉस-प्ले की सुविधा है!

Tactical Warfare is a FREE-TO-PLAY FPS that you can play with your friends regardless of device. That's right, it has CROSS-PLAY between Mobile and PC!

Experience an FPS that brings back the classic shooting style but with new exciting game modes and more!

Enjoy high skill aim battles with a variety of guns and shoot your way to the top of the COMPETITIVE RANKED LADDER!

The social aspects of gaming are made even better by creating Clans with your friends and play against other clans in heated battle for supremacy!

If you are looking for more adrenaline filled adventure but don't want to jump into PvP, team up with friends and dive into our PVE content in BOSS RAID and battle it out for survival against hordes of Zombies and secret bosses!

Enjoy exhilarating game modes such as:

Bombing Mission:

Cooperate with your teammates to take down every opponent, or complete the mission to detonate or defuse deadly C4 in this action packed mission mode! Decide the number of rounds you want to play, from 5 to 14, and be the team to win the set number of rounds to earn your victory!

Team Deathmatch:

Attain victory with your team by reaching a certain number of kills before the opposite team, or get to maximum kills within the given time frame. Even death won't stop you in Deathmatch, as players continue to respawn at their base whenever they get killed by an opponent.


Destroy every member of the opposing team to win in Eliminate mode! The total number of rounds can be set between 5 to 13, and whichever team wins the set number of rounds wins the match.

Special Warfare:

Follow the rules of [Team Deathmatch] and [Deathmatch], but with a twist! Only certain types of weapons can be brought into these games, with different modes to enjoy such as: Knife Mode (no firearms), Pistol Mode (secondary weapon only), Sniper Mode (sniper rifle only), and Grenade Mode (throwing weapon only).

Deathmatch: Everyone is an enemy! Up to 10 players can join the fight, aiming to reach a certain number of kills/deaths within the given time frame to earn EXP and GP.

Boss Raid:

Four players team up to fight deadly zombies in three difficulty levels: EASY, NORMAL, and HARD. The goal is to survive a zombie attack and defeat the boss to get rewards.


Tactical Warfare will have regular updates to improve upon all aspects of the game from YOUR FEEDBACK

and add amazing new cosmetics as well!

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Varies with device

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Last updated on Dec 22, 2020

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

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