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How to Measure Distance on Android

Use these tools below to measure the distance on your Android devices easily!

By Jeremy Barnes


Distance measuring tools have evolved from basic tap measures to modern laser rangefinders. It's still not practical and expensive for our daily usage with those professional tools. Fortunately, there are a variety of apps available on the market today that can help simplify the process.

With these distance measure apps, you can quickly complete measurement tasks, such as figuring out the length of a cable in your house or how long an object is. To save your time, we rounded up two of the best distance measure apps in this article and tell you how to do it step-by-step. Please note these distance measure apps are not as accurate as professional measuring tools, as they use a number of sensor arrays to estimate distances.

1. Ruler

Ruler APK

Smart ruler. Measure the length (size).



Ruler is a simple and tiny-sized application. It looks like a real ruler and you will see the measurements on your screen directly without using the camera. Ruler has a clean UI and it's pretty easy to use, with quick access to multiple independent adjustments. You can use it to measure all sorts of small projects, including but not limited to bolts, small holes, and more.

2. Smart Measure

Smart Measure APK

Measure the distance and height of an object with your device.

ToolsGaming Tools

ToolsGaming Tools

Smart Measure, developed by a Korean Android whiz, is a widely-used distance measure tool that can cover your basic measuring needs. It relies on basic trigonometry to estimate distances from the height of a specific object.

How to use this app:

Step 1: Aim one end of the object you want to measure, then click the "Distance" button on the right side of the screen, which will immediately show the distance to the object.

Step 2: Tap the Height Measure Button represented by a tree on the left side of the screen.

Step 3: Then Move the cross-hair from one end to another to record the distance.

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