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The description of HOLY Quran-ul-Kareem

Indeed to reflect on Allah’s verses is a form of worship that will draw one close to Allah Most High. This reflection is not a reckless and wandering one, rather it includes a study of the classical tafseer of the verses being pondered over, as this would fulfil Ibnul-Qayyim’s great advice, “Such as reflecting over a book which a person has memorised and he expounds it so that he may understand what its author intends by it.”
Devoting your time regularly to its study and implementation has tremendous benefits in this life and the Next. Each benefits stands as enough of an encouragement to shun any laziness we have and dedicate ourselves to the Qur’an.
Reading and reflecting over the Qur’an fulfils an Islamic duty.
The Qur’an will be a proof for us on the Day of Judgment.
The Qur’an will intercede for us on the Day of Judgment.
Your status in this life will be raised.
You will be from the best of the people.
There are ten rewards for each letter you recite from the Qur’an.
The reciters of the Qur’an will be in the company of the noble and obedient angels.
Your position in Paradise is determined by the amount of Qur’an you memorize in this life!
The Qur’an will lead you to Paradise!

Know, dear brother or sister, that these nine benefits from the many benefits available can only be attained by a sincere commitment to the Book of Allah, not by a person’s mere statement, “I love the Qur’an, it’s beautiful.” Rather the heart must be sincerely attached to Allah’s Book and the limbs and tongue will follow in this attachment. You must know that we only mentioned a few of the numerous benefits of reading and reflecting over the Qur’an. There are many benefits that await your reading in the Qur’an and books of hadith, like the chapter of the Qur’an that will argue on your behalf in the grave, and that it is a physical healing, a source of rest and relaxation for your heart, among many other things. And Allah knows best. (Taken from Look 4 Islam)

The Book of Allah is unlike any other; it is the timeless Speech of Allah, and not a created thing. It is the study guide for life, death, and what follows. Therefore, it deserves a far more careful study than anyone else’s speech. It necessitates that its reader return to the early narrations of those who witnessed its revelation and heard its explanation by the one deputed by Allah to rehearse and explain His Words to humanity, Muhammad (may Allah exalt his mention). For if one would try to ponder over the meanings of the verses without having done this study, then surely the filth of the time that he lives in and his ignorance of the correct application and understanding that the early Muslims had would cause him to understand some things not intended by Allah, Most High, and therefore he would go astray, thinking to be worshipping Allah. So, let every sincere Muslim who hopes to earn Allah’s Love by reciting and reflecting over Allah’s Book hold tight to the meanings explained by the Prophet and those taught by the Companions and their immediate followers, and the early scholars of Islam.

Quran that will plead on your behalf in the grave, and that it is a physical healing, a source of rest and relaxation for your heart, among many other things.
The Reciters of the Quran Will Be in the Company of the Noble and Obedient Angels.


Easy and fast Surah Index List
Many other customization options.
User friendly design, slide the screen to move Surah
Listen to the Arabic recitation
Listen the Holy Verses of Quran in audio and video.

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