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With voldemots taking over, neither the wizarding nor Muggle world is safe,
so the trio is constantly running from death eaters and Snatchers, both of which serve the Dark Lord.
The game Harry Heroes of Hallows mainly shifts between first-person stealth sequences with Harry's cloak of Invisibility and third-person shooting,
but neither of them is particularly fun. Harry levels up and learns numerous spells like Confringo
(causes massive explosions) and petrificus totalus (the body-binding spell), but it's fairly easy to stick with the weak-but-quick stupefy.
The deathly Hallows quickly devolves into nothing but a generic, almost broken shooter. It's disappointing to say the least.
When there is cover, which there's often not, it usually gets in the way of Harry's casting,
causing a poor rock or crate to be struck with numerous stupefys.
It doesn't help that you'll be fighting the camera when you duck behind cover,
as it zooms in way too close to be of any real use. Though taking cover sometimes works,
it's usually easier to stick with Protego, the protection spell.
Harry's armory isn't restricted to spells -- he can also throw potions like Garroting Gas (to make foes gag),
though if he's behind cover he'll usually toss it at his feet instead of at his enemies.
death eaters and snatchers drop these potions randomly, and while you can pick up offensive ones to use in battle,
all health or boost potions like Strengthening or felix felicis (the good luck potion) must be consumed immediately.
This isn't usually a big problem, but it can get really annoying when you're surrounded by death eaters and all you can do is pray that one of them will drop a health potion.
Attacking everyone that apparates, though instinctive, isn't the best strategy, as enemies will spawn ad nauseum.
This is incredibly frustrating because it forces you to flee instead of fight, as the bad guys keep coming no matter what.
Toward the end of the game you will literally just travel from one end of a level, watch a cutscene,
then head back to where you started, fighting some combination of snatchers, acromantula, doxies, dementors, and death eaters as you flee.
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