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Acerca del Art of Conquest 2

Juego de estrategia móvil Steamworks Fantasy Geo-War

Free to play. Fair to win.

"Art of Conquest 2" is a steamworks fantasy geo-strategy mobile game. Tens of thousands of players live and fight in the same magical realm. You can freely explore, unite with allies, occupy enemy territory, develop and grow. Players utilize strategy and tactics to bring about fair play and a gaming experience that surpasses the ages!

Ever since the Chronosphere was destroyed by invaders, Aeonis has been on the brink of destruction. As a Lord, you must pursue justice and order in this chaotic world, unite with many allies, and fight to protect your homeland!

▶▶Welcome to a battlefield where all is fair! ◀◀

We don't sell resources, we don't sell soldiers, we don't sell VIP! This game is all about tactics and fair play on the battlefield! Outcomes rely on strategy and strategy alone! Every decision will affect the trend of the war, and every player is an indispensable and important part of their Alliance!

▶▶Reverse the tides of battle with a single action! ◀◀

No longer will numerical values decide the outcome of battles. All duels are in real-time, and you'll get to choose the appropriate timing and position to manually release skills according to the battlefield situation! Plan your attacks, exploit your enemy's weaknesses, and slay their leaders!

▶▶A fantasy world where magic and technology coexist! ◀◀

4 factions, with more than 30 races, 15+ types of terrain and unique Fief buildings. Would you like to become a wizard and re-incarnate tidal beasts? Or perhaps a human mage who controls the power of elements? Or an elf marksman that never misses? How about a dwarf inventor who tinkers with steam machines?

▶▶ Freely set your own formations and show us what you got! ◀◀

With a huge array to place your formations, you can freely deploy Heroes and Soldiers as you see fit. Flexibly adjust the most effective battle formation according to different enemies! Defend, breakthrough, outflank! The choice is all yours!

▶▶Thousands of different combinations to choose from! ◀◀

With 40+ heroes and 60+ soldiers, you can mix and match over 10,000 formation combinations! Be unpredictable! Be spontaneous! Counter your opponents! Use your ingenuity to dominate the battlefield!

▶▶Expand territory and occupy citadels, become a true conqueror of Aeonis! ◀◀

An entire continent with over 2 million grids. Occupy every square inch of land, and constantly expand your territory. In the magical world of Aeonis, will you become a conqueror? Or will you defend your lands from invading enemies? YOU get to decide!


Información Adicional de Juego

Última Versión

Solicitar Art of Conquest 2 Actualización 1.13.11

Presentado por

Aung Secs


Android 5.0+

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Novedades de Última Versión 1.13.11

Last updated on 02/11/2022

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

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