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9.0.10 by Doit Apps

Dec 2, 2023

Über Journal it!


Bullet journal, time blocking, calendar, note, task, and everything tracker

As a life companion, Journal it! is one app for all your personal life: diary, bullet journal, planner, calendar, time management, habit builder, moods, notes, tasks, and everything tracker.


* Sync between multiple devices

* Works everywhere: Android, iOS, web

* Sync is done automatically, and effortlessly to keep your journal data safe

* Support end-to-end encryption to protect the privacy of your journal

* Rich entries with inline photos/videos, auto tag location, styled text,...

* Plan your days like a bullet journal with tasks and events, day themes (work, weekend, holiday,...) and time blocking (morning, work, evening,...)

* Google Calendar integration

* Track how much time you spent on a task with Timer

* Save important information with notes and lists

* Track everything from your health to finance with highly customizable trackers

* Mood tracker with 5 levels of moods and custom feelings

* Quickly access to tasks, notes, habits from your home screen with widgets

* Weekly, monthly, and yearly statistics

* Support offline use, automatically sync when network available

* Lock with fingerprint/face-unlock or password

* Export to PDF or ZIP

* Support migrating from Journey, Day One Journal

* No ads


Journal it! is designed to be a super app, a hub for all aspects of your personal life. Besides keeping your precious memories, you can plan your day with tasks and habits, track your goals with journeys, and understand your emotions with mood tracker, and the highly customizable tracker feature lets you track everything from health to finance and visualize the result later with charts.


Time blocking (or time boxing, task batching, day theming) allows you to divide your day into blocks of time. Each block is dedicated to accomplishing a specific task, or group of tasks, and only those specific tasks. With this, you won’t have to constantly make choices about what to focus on during your day anymore.

Time management: a pomodoro timer is also included so you can easily track how much time you spent on a particular task.


The only app with organizing options designed for journaling that help you easily keep everything in context. There’re 6 organizing options: journeys (stories, goals,...), activities (routines, interests,...), tags, categories, people, and places. Each entry can be organized into multiple organizing options at the same time. No need for separate journals for each subject while still keeping things neatly organized, perfect if you want to digitize your paper Bullet Journal.


At Doit App, we treasure your privacy, and at the same time keep your experience frictionless. To provide an automatic, effortless sync experience and be able to use on multiple devices, your text data is stored securely in the cloud (encrypted on transferring and storing at rest). You can also enable end-to-end encryption to obfuscate your data even to us.

Your photos are stored in a hidden, private folder on your Google Drive that’s only visible to the app (more cloud storage provider options could be added in the future).


The app is free to try. Upgrading might not even be necessary if your usage is simple. All purchases are eligible for a refund within 60 days, with no question to answer, and no form to fill. Just send the receipt to any of our support channels.

Journal it! is one place to document your life, get insights, set visions, and build your future.


We’d love to hear feedback or questions from you. Please contact us:

* Support email: hai@doit.me

* Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/journalitapp/

* Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Journalit

* Facebook VIP Group: best support from us and the community, limited to selected users and subscribers.

Was ist neu in der neuesten Version 9.0.10

Last updated on Dec 2, 2023

Version 9.0.6:
- New features: Goal, KPIs, and Snapshot
- Goal: set up one time or repeating goals (weekly, monthly, yearly) with KPIs to track your progress and snapshots to reflect on your journey
- KPI: there are 23 types which can be derived from your trackers, habits, entries, planner, or custom inputs
- Snapshot: capture the current state of a task, goal, note, or statistics to save, add to the timeline, and reflect on your progress
- Other bug fixes and improvements

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