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عن Sidewalk Buddy

الرصيف الأصدقاء - استخدام أي التطبيق أثناء المشي بأمان مع نافذة منبثقة الفيديو.

Sidewalk Buddy is a free app that will allow you to safely use your other apps with a clean and resizable pop-up which shows a live video feed from your rear facing camera as you walk and type. Texting and walking safety issues are gone! Navigate busy streets with ease, get more work done and be able to multi-task with safety in mind. Unlike transparent screen based apps, this app provides a clean separation between the video and the app you are using without getting too busy. This app is for entertainment purposes only.


FREE Features:

-walk and text, surf the web, use social media apps such as Facebook, chat, sms and download apps while on the go

-resizable pop-up video window that allows you to customize your screen preference while you walk and type

-double-click the notification bar to go to settings

-widget available

PAID Features

-Take photos or video directly from the popup window (with in-app purchase)

Press and App Reviews:

"It handles the problem better than similar apps that overlay video feeds in a full-screen transparency layer."


"Sidewalk Buddy is a new app that tries to make the world safer for distracted pedestrians, whether they’re texting, browsing Facebook or playing a game."


"I personally give up on either the walking or texting part after the first pedestrian-on-pedestrian collision, but Sidewalk Buddy may finally be the solution we've all been looking for."


"So now you can send all your text messages and check all your emails while you’re literally on the go without knocking someone over or even hurting yourself. Just make sure you bring your buddy with you. If you are that person or know someone who walks around recklessly, make sure you tell them about this app"


NOTE: Some apps that utilize camera or video playback features of your phone may cause crashes to this app.

SAFETY GUIDELINES: Download at your own risk, theSOULwithin Apps is not liable for any injuries resulting from using your phone and this app. Please do use your phone responsibly while in public, there is no substitute for simply stopping to use your phone if you are outside around people and traffic. And definitely do not ever use your phone while driving! Come on now, you know better! This app is for entertainment purposes only.

This app is a free app to help text and walk safely. Paid features include a stealth video record on the window that can be used as a secret video recorder or the photo feature can be used as a spy camera app to get photos of things along your way.



Please email us at: thesoulwithin.apps@gmail.com if you have any issues or concerns and we will be happy to help!

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معلومات أكثر ل تطبيق

احدث اصدار

طلب Sidewalk Buddy تحديث 2.0.2


عباس عباس

Android متطلبات النظام

Android 4.0+

عرض المزيد

تحديث لأحدث إصدار 2.0.2

Last updated on 15/08/2015

-fixed crashes to various Motorola and Samsung devices including Galaxy S4 & S5
-added a Sidewalk Buddy widget option
-NEW features: take photo and video directly from the camera window (requires in-app purchase)

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