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The description of Yogavasistha-Ram and Gita

Shri Rram {Lord Ram, Bhagawan Ram } was told about Mahabharat war would take place.

Lord Vishnu’s famous 10 incarnations are known to Hindus. Of these incarnations, Shri Ram (Treta Yuga) and Shrikrishna (Dvapar Yuga) are known world over. But the time period between these two incarnations is 875000 to 2160000 years is known only to few.
Shri Ram was advised by Sage Vasistha and this advise consisting about 30000+ Sanskrit shlokas is divided into six chapters comprising various stories to impart knowledge about ‘real life’. In the Nirvana Parva of Yogavasistha , sage Vasistha tells Shri Ram that whenever there is problem in the Society { especially when Lord of Death-Yama- is doing Tapascharya, Nar and Narayan {Man and God} descend on earth to restore order. Thus, Arjuna and Shrikrishna ( both God’s incarnations} will arrive and thereafter, there will be war between good and evil. Shri Krishna will advise Arjuna and impress upon him the importance of discharging duty.
This advice, 254 Sanskrit Shlokas, can be termed as Gita in Yogavasistha or Essence of Bhagavadgita as told to Shriram by Sage Vasistha.

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