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It’s easy to think of electric cars as a relatively new concept, but they’ve actually been around since the 19th century. Buyers fell out of love with them in favour of petrol and diesel, but now electric cars are back – and better than ever.

There’s an ever-increasing range of new electric cars on the market, which is leading more and more new car buyers to swap pump for plug.

The majority of electric cars are now capable of travelling more than 100 miles on a charge – up to 300 miles in some cases – and their recharging time has tumbled. Batteries have also become smaller and lighter, benefitting the packaging, efficiency and handling of these vehicles.

The Government expects half of all new cars sold in 2027 to be battery-powered, and the number of charging points is increasing.While a lack of harmful emissions and the associated low running costs are major plus points of electric cars, it’s not the only advantage that they have over their petrol or diesel-powered counterparts.

Firstly, there are the packaging benefits: without a bulky engine to fit in, electric cars can offer more room inside than a similarly sized conventional car, while they’re also sprightly performers. This is because electric motors produce 100% of their power from a standstill, meaning they accelerate surprisingly quickly from low speeds. Indeed, the Tesla Model S is one of the fastest-accelerating cars ever made.

However, electric cars aren’t for everyone. They’re still a little more expensive than conventional cars and the fact that you can’t just refuel an electric car in minutes means they don’t suit everyone’s lifestyle.

This situation is changing, however, with new charging stations continually emerging. Indeed, energy company Ecotricity has developed an ‘electric highway’ between London and Edinburgh, consisting of an extensive network of charging stations between the two cities that can give an 80% charge in just 20 minutes.

Electric cars are getting better and better very quickly.A decade ago, the idea of driving an electric car seemed inconceivable to most Americans, but these cars with plugs are definitely here to stay. Technological improvements, stricter emissions standards, and changes in consumer tastes are driving electric cars further into the mainstream, and while they still aren’t close to replacing their gas-powered cousins, their ever-increasing ranges and penchant for quick acceleration make them a far better option than they once were.
The list of available all-electric vehicles is growing at a steady clip as more automakers introduce new models. Electric car range is growing as well, and prices are coming down. Remember that purchasing a fully electric vehicle entitles you to up to a $7,500 federal tax credit – at least for now.

You can get in an electric car (EV) like the Ford Focus Electric, Volkswagen e-Golf, or Hyundai Ioniq for around $22,000 after the federal rebate. This is lower than the average new car price in the United States. Like traditional gas cars, electric cars range from subcompact city cars, to luxury 3-row SUVs.

If you’re seeking a luxury EV, the highly efficient BMW i3 is one option. Additionally, Tesla offers the Model S sedan and the Model X SUV, both of which rank at the top of their segments and can cost you well over $100,000 fully loaded. The Silicon Valley automaker’s much more affordable Model 3 compact sedan will begin to hit markets later this year.
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