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Your favorite battle simulator is totally getting a mobile port... accurately! All 100+ unique classes of Wobblers will all be available right in the palm of your hands.

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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, the "98% Overwhelmingly Positive" Steam hit, is coming to mobile! Take charge of 100+ Red and Blue Wobblers from ancient lands, spooky realms and fantasy worlds as they fight in simulations made with the wackiest physics system ever invented. Put your Wobblers through a set of historical or mythical campaigns or create your own battle scenarios in the Unit Creator with sandbox maps. Customize extraordinary units with amazing abilities and watch them fight others for endless entertainment!



All campaigns and sandbox maps from the original Totally Accurate Battle Simulator are available on your fingertips anytime, anywhere.


Your units don’t just move around... they wobble! Okay, we lied - these battle simulations aren't exactly “accurate” per se but incredibly chaotic. Despite that, you can be sure that each simulation will be unique every time!


Unite unlikely opponents from different ages and places – like Zeus vs Minotaurs from Ancients; Da Vinci Tanks from Renaissance; Valkyries from Vikings; Grim Reaper from Spooky faction…and many more secret units to unlock.


Create custom battles and conditions according to your wishes – or craft special one of a kind Units for zany spectacles that will keep you entertained forevermore!


  • Campaigns
  • Multiplayer
  • Workshop
  • Unit and faction Creator
  • Campaign and battle creator
  • Sandbox mode
  • Unit Possession
  • A bunch of silly units
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Tin tức


Is Totally Accurate Battle Simulator free to play?

Yes, TABS is free to download and play for Android devices.

How to download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on mobile?

You can download and install TABS on Android devices directly from APKPure.

How many platforms does Totally Accurate Battle Simulator support?

TABS can be played on Steam, Xbox, PC & Mac (via Epic games), and mobile devices.

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