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Wandering Night آئیکن

8.3 43 جائزے

1.0.5 by ZLOONG

Sep 18, 2018

About Wandering Night

An independent card game with strategies.

Wandering Night is a Roguelike Mobile Game with deck-building card game (DBG) mechanics. When you open this elder fairy tale book, you will become the famous characters that you know. Now, you are the hero to save this world! Put the stronger cards into your deck; defeat the evil enemies to collect loots reward. But remember, keep your faith. Because when you achieve the end of path, you will find the strongest enemy is……

[Story Line]

When this Wonderland has been fallen, and devoured by the power of evil. Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth, everything in Wonderland becomes immoralities and controlled by the deadly sins. The heroes from the fairy tale try to save them, and bring the Flame of Hope to this wonderland.

[Game Feature]

-A True Roguelike Game

Wandering night is like other Roguelike games. As the set of game mechanics, you will have a totally different experience at each time you start. You will have chance to obtain cards after you defeated the randomly enemy, and you still have chance to obtain loots after you defeated the elites. Even there still have the most rarely treasure hide inside the war fog. Otherwise, you will get nothing if you not suffering any pain …

-DBG playing method

More than 200 cards to build your deck, each card will be the key card. But remember, quantity not quality. Take chance to delete the useless cards, it makes you easier to achieve the spire.


You ever think about that if you can share your cards collection with friends, and make your guys deck stronger? Wandering night can achieve as you wish and give you a fantastic experiencing! Original Adventure Group Mode, invite your friends to build deck together, and face the unprecedented challenge!


Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/WNMOBILE/

Official website:https://tos.zloong.com/

Customer Service: cs@zulong.com

میں نیا کیا ہے 1.0.5 تازہ ترین ورژن

Last updated on Sep 18, 2018

Welcome to Wandering Night!

ترجمہ لوڈ ہو رہا ہے...

معلومات گیم اضافی

تازہ ترین ورژن

Wandering Night اپ ڈیٹ کی درخواست کریں 1.0.5

اپ لوڈ کردہ

Agung Putera Dhananjaya

Android درکار ہے

Android 4.0.3+

مزید دکھائیں

Wandering Night اسکرین شاٹس

تبصرہ لوڈ ہو رہا ہے...
APKPure کو سبسکرائب کریں
ابتدائی ریلیز ، خبروں ، اور بہترین اینڈروئیڈ گیمز اور ایپس کے رہنماؤں تک رسائی حاصل کرنے والے پہلے بنیں۔
نہیں شکریہ
سائن اپ
کامیابی کے ساتھ سبسکرائب!
اب آپ کو اپک پور کی سبسکرائب کیا گیا ہے۔
APKPure کو سبسکرائب کریں
ابتدائی ریلیز ، خبروں ، اور بہترین اینڈروئیڈ گیمز اور ایپس کے رہنماؤں تک رسائی حاصل کرنے والے پہلے بنیں۔
نہیں شکریہ
سائن اپ
اب آپ ہمارے نیوز لیٹر کی رکنیت لے چکے ہیں۔