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edjing Mix 圖標

9.2 138 評論

7.18.00 by MWM - AI Music and Creative Apps


關於edjing Mix

一定要的 DJ 應用程式:隨時隨地重新混音歌曲,製作音樂,並錄製令人驚艷的混音。

全新推出 edjing Mix - 最知名 DJ 應用程式的最新版本 - 重新設計後,保證讓表現層級更上一層樓。

經過與專業 DJ 的合作設計,edjing Mix 可將你的裝置轉換成真正的 DJ 工具,在手機上擴大玩 DJ 的極限,帶來無限的創意自由。

可存取SoundCloud 和所有本機資料夾中的上百萬首歌曲,且轉瞬間就可使用超過 20 種 DJ FX 和功能進行重新混製。更不用說,這次還有全新的取樣器和硬體整合功能,再次放大在手機上玩 DJ 的創意空間。

* ‘edjing Mix offers the same capability of a pro DJ software except with the convenience of being on a device that fits in a pocket.’ - DJ Tech Tools

* 'A super portable digital setup' - DJ Worx

Remix +50 million tracks

- Music library (access to all your local music)

- Soundcloud integration (requires a Soundcloud premium account)

- create multisource playlists with songs from both your local and streaming sources

- smart search feature that displays results for all your music sources on the same screen

- queue system to prepare the upcoming songs

- advanced sorting: browse by alphabetical order, BPM, or Time

A new major feature: the sampler

- access 16 free samples: siren, gunshot, kick, snare...

- possibility to link the sampler to the crossfader to cut the pads' samples sound depending on your crossfader's position.

- +20 sample Packs (EDM, Hip-Hop, dubstep...), created by Pro DJs, in partnership with Future Loops

All the must-have DJ tools

- automatic BPM detection for all your songs

- Tap BPM to manually adjust the BPM of your tracks

- continuous sync between your tracks

- little audio spectrum to navigate in your music

- wide audio spectrum for optimised beats detection

- pro audio FX: Echo, Flanger, Reverse, Filter

- audio FX expansion (in-app purchase): Roll, Roll Filter, Steel, Gate, Double Beat, Phaser, Color Noise, Beatgrid, Band pass, Band stop, Reverb

- automated audio FX sync on the BPM (loop, cue, seek)

- loops: from 1/64 to 128, or customizable

- set up to 8 Hot Cues on each deck

- EQ three bands and Gain

- Pre-cueing stereo with headphones (in-app purchase)

- Automix mode to let edjing mix and do seamless transitions between your tracks

- ultra precise scratch

- set the vinyl inertia, and the starting speed of the vinyl

- a 'Slip' mode for Loops and Scratch

- HD recording of your mixes and scratch routines in .wav format

- 4 skins to customize your turntables (in-app purchase): Diamond, Gold, Neon, Metal

Designed by pro DJs

- intuitive interface with direct and quick access to all the essential features

- apply two audio FX at the same time on each deck

- reorder the FX lists to customize the panel as it suits you best

Hardware integration

- control edjing with the best portable fader: Mixfader

(Mixfader requires Bluetooth LE and Android 4.3 onwards)

- compatible with your time coded and standard audio vinyls

- MIDI controller support: Pioneer DDJ-200

Remix songs from your Android Wear

- access your set key information

- sync your songs

- manage 4 DJ effects

About edjing Mix

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Instagram: http://instagram.com/edjingofficial/

Twitter : http://twitter.com/edjing

Contact our Team: support@edjing.com


Last updated on 2024年07月19日

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!




請求 edjing Mix 更新 7.18.00


Hmody Alhoseny


Android 8.0+

Available on

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