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Card Guardians 圖標

3.9.0 by Tapps Games - PT


關於Card Guardians


Roguelike RPG card war game! Battle and loot in this deck builder adventure!

Welcome to the world of Valentia! Experience thrilling card battles in a roguelike deck building style.

Build your deck and become a legendary hero in Middle Earth. Defeat sinister monsters with strategic card choices and master the chaos!

🃏 Embark on a Card Battle Adventure!

Valentia, once a peaceful realm, is now plagued by the forces of Chaos. As a skilled card battler, your mission is to construct the ultimate RPG deck and overcome challenging single-player roguelike battles.

Prepare to face daunting monsters and enemies in this strategic roguelike card wars game. It's more than just a rogue battle; it's a test of your courage and skill. Are you ready for adventure time?

Valentia's monsters and enemies await you! Choose a strategic deck of cards to battle these beings dominated by the forces of darkness. This journey will require a lot of strategy and, of course, courage. Be very careful, this Roguelike Card Wars game is much more than a simple rogue card battle game. Be ready for this adventure time!

🔮 Unleash Chaos with Card Battle Games

Liberate Valentia from darkness by assembling a powerful deck. Strategically choose ccg cards to defeat foes controlled by Chaos Magic. Your journey will lead you to discover new roguelike cards for your deck-building arsenal. Remember, victory depends on your cunning strategy and conquering RPG deck-building skills. Prepare for an epic adventure time card wars !

You will have to explore the realms and find new roguelike cards for your deck building and to use in your epic battles. And remember, as with every ccg cards game, your strategy is very important, you will only win the battles using and conquering your best RPG deck building. Are you ready for this adventure time card wars?

⚔️ Become a Hero of Valentia

Embark on this RPG collectible cards game and choose your hero. Challenge your opponents in intense roguelike cards games and become the greatest RPG deck builder in Valentia!

Each hero possesses unique powers, and more heroes await as you explore the realms. This roguelike adventure time will test your mettle, demanding an impressive RPG CCG deck and a mastery of roguelike card battles. Are you up for the challenge?

✨ RPG Deck Building at Its Finest

In this roguelike card battle game, success depends on your deck. With each level, you'll unlock new RPG collectible card wars to build your strategy and engage in thrilling battles.

As a hero, your focus is on deck building, ccg trading cards, and crafting powerful strategies to overcome creatures controlled by Chaos Magic.

🌎 Explore the RPG Card Battle Game

Uncover the secrets of Valentia by exploring dungeons, castles, forests, and deserts. Collect ccg cards, earn rewards, and prove your strategic prowess. Only true strategists can conquer these roguelike challenging games.

In each part of the kingdom, you'll encounter unique species under Chaos Magic's control. Defeat them to acquire essential RPG collectible cards for your deck and discover the best equipment for roguelike cards battles.

Card Guardians is a free RPG collectible card wars game by Tapps Games. Optional in-game purchases offer additional features and items to enhance your gameplay.


Last updated on 2024年03月27日

Heroes, v3.9 is here!

This version brings the missing equipment for Oriana's Grade S Cosmic set!

You can now shake Valentia to its core by wearing the most powerful set for the most powerful Witch to have ever exist. Chaos beware!

Also, bugs were fixed and overall polish has been added. Please get in touch using the 'Report a Problem' button if you encounter anything unexpected.




請求 Card Guardians 更新 3.9.0


Mohmed Elabd


Android 6.0+

Available on

Card Guardians 來源 Google Play


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