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Call of Duty 圖標

Call of Duty

Mobile Season 7
1.0.34 for Android

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Mobile 是由Activision公司推出的一款免費FPS手遊,分為全球版本和Garena版本,本作是面向全球玩家的版本。


1. 在標誌性COD地圖中戰鬥
2. 多種遊戲模式:死鬥模式、Search and Destroy、自由活動等等。玩家還可以作為單人、雙人或四人小隊的一員加入新的大逃殺模式和有限時間遊戲模式。
4. 可定製的角色和裝備:玩家可以用大量可解鎖的武器、附件、手榴彈和各種Killstreak能力(包括無人機、無人機、炮塔、空襲和支援飛機)定製你的裝備。通過大量的武器皮膚和士兵裝束的選擇,創造你自己的獨特外觀。
3. 高質量的視覺效果和動畫
4. 直觀和完全可定製的控製臺
5. 免費下載但有內購

作為移動設備上最受歡迎的一款射擊遊戲,Call of Duty Mobile 提供多人遊戲。你也可以和朋友私下比賽或與其他玩家公開比賽,當然也可以參加排位戰。眾多遊戲模式中,最流行的模式便是大逃殺。





Call of Duty: Legends of War apk, the world's #1 first-person shooter franchise is coming to mobile. It is a highly anticipated mobile title from Activision and Tencent Games.

Call of Duty apk consists of amazing maps, equipment, weapons and characters from the Call of Duty universe. You can take control of the fast-paced game by yourself and other excellent skills are waiting for you to find. Many characters like Ghost, Price and others are in Call of Duty Legends of War for Android.

The game currently includes two game modes: multiplayer and zombies. In multiplayer mode, players will be able to play player versus player (PvP) battles with 10 players divided into two teams. The multiplayer mode is further divided into two different modes: Team Deathmatch and Frontline. In Zombies mode, players can play alone or in teams to take on zombies and win the game.

Call of Duty: Legends of War apk can be played with the most popular characters from the Call of Duty universe such as Captain Price from Modern Warfare, Overlord from Ghosts and more. Characters can be customized to the player's liking by gaining perks, weapons, skills and equipment from Supply Drops. It will also have all the most popular Call of Duty maps such as Nuketown, Crash, Hijacked and others.

Other features of Call of Duty: Legends of War apk

Collect iconic heroes and weapons
Intuitive controls for picking up and playing
High fidelity mobile graphics


Call of Duty 1.0.34 更新

GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045 metropolis in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7: New Vision City! Play as Motoko and Batou, featuring the original voice actors, as you complete missions in Battle Royale. Crawl your way to victory aboard the Tachikoma! Unlock tracer rounds for the first time with the Mythic Switchblade X9 - Neon Legend! Destroy post-humans and unlock cyber-parts to augment your operator. We’re counting on you cyber-soldier; drop in!

Call of Duty標籤




  • 類別:

    免費 動作 遊戲

  • 最新版本:

    1.0.34請求 Call of Duty 更新

  • 發布日期:

  • 上傳者:

    เกี๊ยวซี่ ชื่อนี้เพื่อนตัังให้

  • Available on:

    Call of Duty 來源 Google Play

  • 系統要求:

    Android 4.3+

  • 舉報:


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