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TargetScan ISSF Pistol & Rifle simgesi

TargetScan ISSF Pistol & Rifle

6.11.2 for Android

TargetScan ISSF Pistol & Rifle Açıklaması

Scan. Analyse. Improve.
TargetScan is a specifically designed application for scoring your targets. This innovative tool will not only calculate the score but also analyse your shooting group providing essential statistics that will enable continuous improvement.


• Instant score (standard with inner tens or decimal scoring)
• Automatic pattern and shots recognition
• Eagle Eye for inspection of close shots (you can refine shots location)


• Mean Point of Impact (MPI) – the centre of the group: windage and elevation
• Mean Radius, Extreme Spread – to measure your grouping
• Summary Target Plot with all shots in the session
• Potential Score – check how many points you could gain by bringing the group to the centre


• Keep track of all your sessions and monitor progress
• Add notes to your sessions and empty your drawer – you will always be able to review past results
• Share by E-mail or Google Drive a detailed Session Report (PDF file)


TargetScan supports over 160 disciplines including:

• International:
- ISSF 10m Air Pistol & Air Rifle
- ISSF 50m Small-bore Rifle
- ISSF 25m Standard & 50m Free Pistol (STP, FP)
- ISSF 25m Center-fire and Rapid Pistol (CFP, RFP)
- MLAIC 25/50m Pistol & Rifle (Blackpowder)
- IAU 10/30m Crossbow (4.5 and 6mm arrows)
- WRABF 25/50m Rifle (Benchrest)

• United Kingdom:
- NSRA 6yd/10m Air Pistol & Air Rifle
- NSRA 20yd/25m Pistol & Light Sporting Rifle
- NSRA 15/20/25yd/25m Rifle
- NSRA 50/100yd/50m Rifle

• Germany:
- 10m Air Rifle (Kyffhäuser)
- DSB 15m Rifle (Zimmerstutzen)
- BDS 25m Pistol
- BDS 50/100m Rifle (ZF, PG)

• France:
- UFOLEP 10m Air Rifle
- FFTir 25m Pistol (C50)
- FFTir 25m Rapid Fire Pistol
- FFTir 50m Rifle (TAR, mini C50)
- FFTir 100m Rifle (TAR)
- FFTir 200m Rifle (TAR, C200)

• Denmark:
- DGI 15m Air Pistol
- DGI 15m Pistol

• Netherlands:
- KNSA 10m Pistol
- KNSA 12m Rifle (KKK, KKG)
- KNSA 25/100m Rifle (.30 M1)

• United States:
- NRA 10m Air Pistol & Air Rifle
- NRA 50ft Pistol (Slow, Timed & Rapid Fire)
- NRA 50yd Slow Fire Pistol
- NRA 50ft/50m/100yd Rifle
- CMP 10m Air Rilfe

• Canada:
- CCM 10m Air Rifle
- SFC 20yd/50m Rifle

You can find a full list of supported disciplines on our wiki: https://targetshootingapp.com/wiki/Supported_disciplines/

Have questions? Reach out to us at support@targetshootingapp.com

Analyse your old targets today and see your performance improve immediately!
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