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Huni simgesi


AI Speech Training Kids with Delayed Speech
1.1.0 for Android

Huni Açıklaması

Huni is a speech recognition powered speech training app, designed for children specifically (children speech therapy). The application prompts you a list of words to say, you can listen the pronunciations and then one-by-one repeat it out loud. The app will recognize the ones you pronounce correctly and you can always try multiple times and train your speech. It's your personal speech therapist!

Huni is made with the children with delayed speech or non verbal kids in mind (speech pathology), additionally kids with developmental disorders (apraxia and stuttering) can use Huni to get better at speaking (language therapy).

The app features 50 word packs that we call "assistive card packs". Using this carefully curated packages like; Conversations, Family, Foods etc. your child can learn while enjoying the cute illustrations.

As per our goal of making these apps, all the apps we make are Autism friendly (free autism apps and autism communication) and color blind safe colors are chosen. We carefully work on our apps to capture and find ways to keep the focus of the user like voice feedbacks and haptic sensory feedbacks.

We would be very happy if you give us feedback or send us an app review on this platform!
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Huni 1.1.0 Güncelleme

- Ability to choose an accent or locale for the speech recognition.
- Support for other languages.

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