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HC Verma Vol.1 - Complete Book With Solution simgesi

HC Verma Vol.1 - Complete Book With Solution

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HC Verma Vol.1 - Complete Book With Solution Açıklaması

This book is a gem for IIT JEE and AIEEE aspirants who have completed 10th standard.The concepts are given in a concise and in a format to make it very easy to grasp.The book has the concepts from 0 level so that we could recollect the topics that we have learnt in 8th / 9th and 10th.For those who're not familiar with HC Verma , he is working in the Dept of Physics IIT Kanpur.This book is highly recommended in the Bansal institute in Kota.
This book is literally the BEST BOOK for PHYSICS. If you literally just read this as a story book, all the concepts will clearly be set up in your mind. The questions are also really fun and efficient. For someone who wants to build the base of Physics, this book is a must. I would highly recommend every JEE aspirant to read this book, as it is definitely gonna help them a lot in their studies.
The Volume 1 covers mechanics, waves, and optics with chapter number 1 to 22. The list of chapters in this volume are given below:

1.Introduction to Physics
2.Physics and Mathematics
3.Rest and Motion: Kinematics
4.The Forces
5.Newton's Laws of Motion
7.Circular Motion
8.Work and Energy
9.Centre of Mass, Linear Momentum, Collision
10.Rotational Mechanics
12.Simple Harmonic Motion
13.Fluid Mechanics
14.Some Mechanical Properties of Matter
15.Wave Motion and Waves on a String
16.Sound Waves
17.Light Waves
18.Geometrical Optics
19.Optical Instruments
20.Dispersion and Spectra
21.Speed of Light
☺Best of Luck for Your Future Studies.
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