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Grand Gang Auto Andreas City Crime simgesi

Grand Gang Auto Andreas City Crime

1.000 for Android

Grand Gang Auto Andreas City Crime Açıklaması

The mafia gang war has spread from miami city to vegas city and now back to san andreas city. Welcome to the world of theft auto in the real downtown where you will need to fight and become the godfather of this gangster city. This mega addictive criminal city simulator game is about being gangster and slowly promoted to godfather by fighting the mafia gang war with other thugs and yakuza.

Theft auto and drive around in the downtown streets. beware of the cops that will catch you. This auto city mafia gangster town has a lot of different gangs and also police, take revenge and take down other gangsters, be sure to visit uptown at los santos too where the real gangsters starts. Also the crime city of the mafia ruling los fierro.

Beware of the US police, nypd, fbi and us army, because they hate mafia crime city robbery criminals like you. If you get caught you will be jail in los fierro city jail. Buy some real estate in the downtown mafia crime city andreas and build your own gang forces. This city of sin is full with grand robbery, mafia theft and auto thief. Become the real gangster and live a thug life in this action game. Load up with heavy weapons from the ammo shop in downtown, time to stealth and fight other mafia gang wars in this city of sin to become the king of the city and grand god father. Enjoy this real gangster town game . The best crime simulator game in play store. This open world can you can visit casinos, and witness city robberies around the grand city of los fierro.

Remember to have your own escape plan when US police are chasing you, as you roll the streets of andreas city. Walk carefully in this grand street crime city. Theft auto when the police is not around. Involved and fight in the gang war mafia and become the lord gangster of this town.

- Many cities, los santos, los fierro, miami city, vegas city, new york city, tokyo, hongkong, downtown, uptown, an open world 3d game
- Exciting crime city missions with gangster and US police simulator
- Drive around with luxury speed cars and sports cars for racing
- Drive scooter and bikes and jetski and quad bike too.
- Unlock heavy weapons with different armors and grenades and bombs too
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