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"To whom in Russia to live well" — poem N. A. Nekrasov. Tells of the journey of seven men throughout Russia in search of a happy man.

Genre: Epic

This app will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with one of the masterpieces of Russian classics. Or to refresh it in memory. The app is simple to use, without unnecessary

bells and whistles distracting, even a child will cope if you want to introduce your child to Russian literature, in particular to the poem Nekrasov "Who lives well".

The poem "to Whom in Russia to live well" tells about the journey of seven of the peasants of Russia in search of a happy man. The work was written in the late 60s
the mid 70-ies of the XIX century, after the reforms of Alexander II and the abolition of serfdom. It tells of the post-reform society, which not only has not disappeared
many of the old vices, but also a lot of new. According to the idea of Nikolai Nekrasov, the Wanderers had the end of the road to reach Petersburg, but
disease and the imminent death of the author the poem was left unfinished.
The product "to Whom in Russia to live well" is written in blank verse and stylized Russian folk tales.

We offer you to read online summaries of "to Whom in Russia to live well"
"Once on the high road converge seven men — the recent the fortress, and now temporarily "from the adjacent villages — Zaplatova, Deravin, Razumova,
Snobelen, Gorelova, Neyolova, Neurozhayka identity". Instead of going his own way, men start a dispute about to whom in Russia to live fun and free. Each of
-judge Tom, who's the lucky man in Russia: the landowner, the official, priest, merchant, noble Lord, the Minister of the sovereign or king."

Roman, Damian, Luke, brothers Hubeny Ivan Mirador, Groin, Prov — seven peasants who set out to look for a happy man.

There is a translation in English.
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