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The book Principles of Biochemistry has been designed according to the course of honours and postgraduate levels of
different universities of India and abroad. It gives an extensive but brief coverage of the fundamentals of biochemistry. It
describes in lucid language the biochemical steps that the cells use to replicate at the molecular level, thus bringing to light
the hidden secrets of life.
The rapid development and enormous expansion of various phases of biochemistry have markedly enriched our knowledge
about the nature of life and also made biochemistry the language of life. While planning this book, the challenge has been
to incorporate details of latest developments whilst retaining the original aim, namely to concentrate on those techniques
and principles that the students can expect to encounter in their theory and practical classes.
Students face problems in conceptualizing the subject within a limited time. Most of the students need a book that is
lucidly presented, orderly arranged and profusely illustrated.
The enormous knowledge that has accumulated in the fields of biology, biochemistry and molecular biology during the
last few decades, has totally revolutionized the approach for the study of life and living beings. Life is now regarded as the
expression and interaction of biomolecules and all the biological processes are the result of biochemical reactions occurring
at the cellular level.
Biochemistry is considered to be one of the essential subjects for several bioscience courses. Several Indian universities
have included it in their undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. It is rapidly progressing from a science performed
almost entirely at the laboratory bench to one that may be explored through computers. The subject of biochemistry works
at molecular level and thus brings to light the hidden secrets of life.
The present book, Principles of Biochemistry, is aimed to effectively introduce the foundation and application of
biochemistry and to provide a textbook with latest concepts for undergraduate and postgraduate students from a variety of
biological disciplines.
The subject matter in this book is divided into 26 chapters. Chapter 1 provides a brief introduction, cellular basis and
divisions of cellular organisms into three domains, organization of karyotic cell, biological and genomic basis and biochemical
Chapters 2,3,4,5,6 and 7 provide a brief account of chemical basis of life and the structure and functions of various
biological molecules. Chapter 8 gives information about the composition of biological membranes and transport of material
across them. Chapter 9 deals with enzymes, their nomenclature, enzyme kinetics and regulation of enzymes. Biosignalling,
signaling in microorganisms and apoptosis are discussed in chapter 10. In subsequent chapters, bioenergetics, glycolysis,
citric acid cycle, mitochondria and oxidative phosphorylation are discussed in detail. In chapter 15, photosynthesis and
photosynthetic organelles, light reactions of photosynthesis and production of ATP in light reactions along with biosynthetesis
of nucleotides are discussed. The subsequent chapters discuss lipid biosynthesis, amino acid oxidation and production of urea.
Chapter 21 describes genes and chromosomes, DNA metabolism, and transcription. Chapter 24 discusses protein metabolism.
Regulation of gene expression elaborates gene expression in prokaryotes, riboswitches, cloning vectors and DNA sequencing.
It also includes perception of human evolution from the gorilla genome sequence.
With long teaching experience and expertise in writing, we have made an attempt to present text with the help of suitable
and neatly drawn illustrations, informative tables and boxes. An exhaustive glossary and index are also provided in the end.

The Principle of Biochemistry

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