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The description of the interpretation of dreams

history of the interpretation of dreams
everyone has a dream. For some people the dream is often regarded as a flower bed, so sometimes ignored. But for others the dream was considered a sign or signal the arrival of an event, so that dream to be construed or interpreted its meaning.
In ancient civilizations, the dream has always been associated with the supernatural world. That is, the gods and spirits wicked that appear in dreams. Sweet dreams and happiness is defined as the presence of a god or God, while the nightmare is regarded as a sign of the presence of evil spirits or demons when people sleep.

Such assumptions began to shift as Aristotle (384-322SM) expressed his views about dreams. According to Aristotle, the dream is a mental activity when a person sleeps. During sleep, the senses can still capture stimuli from the outside. Stimulation was then magnified through dreams. For example, when a person is cold, then when asleep he could only dream of being dilautan snow.

After the death of Aristotle, interpretation, dream interpretation or meaning of dreams is growing. Which is quite popular is the view Macrobius and Artemidorus. They divided dreams into two, namely:

1. Dream relating to the past and the present. Here dreams associated with the events before bed. For example, if someone was holding during sleep to urinate, it could have dreamed it would be the middle of the flood, and will eventually urinate while sleeping.

2. Dream relating to the future. In this case, interpreted dreams carry messages about events that will happen. Here the dream is divided into three, namely:
Oraculum, is prophetic dreams or dreams of bringing the message of God.
Visio, is a dream that predict events that will happen in the future.
Somnium, is a dream symbolic meaning should be construed or interpreted with caution.
On development, interpretation, dream interpretation, or meaning of dreams readjust to the conditions, customs, culture, and background of people who believe a meaning or a symbol of a particular dream. The meaning or interpretation of the dream passed down by ancestors and passed down for centuries from generation to generation.

Solutions - Tackling the bad consequences of the dream
If you dream of anything can be bad for you and your family (such as dreams dislodged tooth, etc.) you are expected to do the following to address them:

Take a broom (can also toothpick, small bamboo, etc.). Then cut or break with your hands into 7 (seven) stem, small, about 3 centimeters. Take a sheet of paper or tissue. Prepare the salt, just a little. Put the pieces into seven broom and salt earlier in tissue or paper. Fold the paper and buried into the ground (yard, your home page). Sentences that you have to say when it will bury / sink paper (which consists of 7 pieces broom and salt) is a sentence that asks the Almighty in order to stay away from bad effect on your dreams.

Example of sentences:
Oh, my God. Deliver me and my family from disaster. Will not grow / so, salt is my grave. Just as my dream that can be bad for us will not become a reality or it will not happen. Amen. "

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