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That which creates does not take birth; it causes; its Mother Nucleus is Self-existent. That which takes birth does not cause. It takes birth in the process of procreation, in accordance with the (Dharma) characteristic of the ‘species’. Infinite infinitude is the entity of the Universal Nucleus; Ubiquity (universal pervasiveness) and Omnipotency is for Universal Energy, constant basis and dependency, and corporeality (form) and incorporeality (formless) is the characteristic of Universal Matter. In the limit of existence, contraction, expansion, pervasion, and innateness of Soul is the characteristic of consciousness of the Universal Matter. Movement is, the merger of Life Force and JIva-Shakti, Prkrti (Consciousness), as the PuruSa (Conscience) and matter, combined origination is indeed natural! In the order of the Trans-Morphism of the bio-matter, its peculiarity is evident. So also, mutual cooperation, basis, dependency is needed. For all organisms, principally, for the human race with social consciousness, it is essential course of Trans-Morphism! Similar to, the movement, is the characteristic (law), of the matter, for bio-matter, body and mind separate and related state, movement is indeed inevitable only!

Relating to the macrocosmic state, of the body (Bio) matter, it is indeed a well-known matter, isn’t it! So also, Life Force and its mutually senses dependant and influenced mind, its microcosm also, is of same type only! The physical body associated ‘Life Force’ and the neurons related ‘mind’ – both of these do not have their own stable ‘existence’. The oxygen itself, which enters into the body only through the process of respiration, as instant ‘Life Force/vital spirit’ for only that point of time; so also, water – food, as JIva-Shakti (subsistence), influenced by heat and cold, are becoming the basis for the existence of human being/organism. Only so long as there is scope for supply, ingestion and excretion of them as in and out, body, its existence – so also, mind as the instigation of sense organs influenced by the environment and circumstances, have their manifestation, by their own, individually. That means, the Life Force so also mind too, from time to time, only through the formation of metabolic and the chemical actions and reactions that occur in suitability to the opportunity and need of that point of time, they (Life Force – mind) have their existence but not, however, with steadiness (solidity). Only the functional Life Force (the vital spirit/Jeevatmn/Self), being circuited by means of the Oscillation and the stimulation of Oxygen; through the B.P. Whenever there is any interruption, impediment caused either by any kind of ailment, epidement, or lack of ailment, there could be a break of Beingness. Generally, there may be no restoration of the circuit with the failure of the medication. When there is an impediment in the binding, and affinity, related to signaling that occur between the mind, and body, the sensorium mind loses its distinctness, for action and reaction. The clarity of this matter can be understood by comprehending the intervening time between the clinical death, and the brain death so also, the temporary functional rest relating to the body, and mind with the influence of anesthesia, and other matters as examples.

For the mansion and good path of ‘expedition of truth’, materiality itself, is the first step. Similar to, the presence of sky for land…. there is space for universe. Journey into the sky should be from land only. Exploration of universe and the acquisition of knowledge related to it should happen in the space itself. For that very reason, ‘The Ascension of Mind’ must become the guidance…. That itself is, the uncovering of soul…. That itself is the micro indicator to the proximity of divinity.

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